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Agents scrutinised over Storm cap drama


Winging it
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Jul 15, 2004
SHE’S effervescent, a conversationalist and has a high kick to rival the likes of Jackie Chan. The search for some fresh-faced Manly Sea Eagles Seabirds to join the 2011 Jim Beam cheerleading squad is on.


Manly Seabirds cheerleaders Jackie Ellis, Angela Nicotera and Amy Papandrea will be looking for new recruits on Sunday. Picture: BRADEN FASTIER

The squad’s longstanding mother hen, cheerleading instructor Monique Carroll, was revealing no secrets about what was in store for Brookvale Oval crowds this season.
“I don’t know about new, but every year the girls get more and more glamorous and more polished,” Ms Carroll said.
“A lot of people on the hill at Brookvale enjoy songs with a bit of a rock edge so we will try and go for Top 40 songs with that edge.”
She said she was looking for girls that fitted in with the Seabirds persona.
“She’s a stunning girl with a vivacious personality, lots of confidence and is a great conversation maker,” Ms Carroll said.
“She also has a dance background and can whip out lots of fabulous high kicks.”
Auditions will take place tomorrow between 11.30am and midday at the Factory Outlet across the road from the Manly Leagues Club.



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