AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

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AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

Hi all

There are a few strings attached to this present.

It has been provided in the right spirit from someone who received quite a few head kickings in the early days of AE.

He has given us one of his best works, just for the memories. There is one rule:

Debate the issues and the assertions of the article - but do not attack the author.

If that starts to happen the mods are on notice to move the thread.

Let's go about this in the right spirit please. :drunk:
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

If he mentions "watermark" watch out. :)

It will be a top read, does he know if weve signed Orford yet.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

*Takes off maroon glasses and prepares to read*
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

-An opinion by Haig Kayserian

Those fans currently criticising the Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles need a dose of what they purport to prescribe; a dose of REALITY.

Only 12 months ago, the Sea Eagles had begun planning for ‘next season’, realising their form and resources was none to match that of a top eight outfit.

A year on…the Sea Eagles sit in fifth spot, firmly in finals’ contention and have created enough headlines of the positive type to satisfy the most successful of top level sporting sides.

Have those fans of the fickle type purged their pernickety nature to applaud a turnaround of such magnific proportions?

Absolutely not…

Instead, realising negatively targeting the team is now beyond reach, they have targeted individuals – individuals who have effectively combined to turn the Sea Eagles into a force-to-be; the very force they claim to credit.

“We don’t settle for mediocrity!�…they say…

All the well dear fickle ones, but us ‘optimists’ – who declare ourselves as the true ‘realists’ – feel a team that has gone from wooden spoon contention to partaking in arguments about premiership contention is hardly a step towards mediocrity…

We feel a halfback and skipper who has set up more tries than anyone else in the team, defended better than most number sevens in the NRL and presented himself estimably before the media is hardly one justifying calls of “one of the worst halfbacks the club has ever produced�…

We feel our injury-plagued young prop, who made City Origin due to a personal call from the NSW State of Origin coach, will eventually come good and is worth every penny of the contract the club offered him…

We feel our administration, who have made this team competitive financially, are collectively doing a tremendous job…

We feel our coaching staff, who have turned this team around in miraculous time on the park, are among the best in the business…

Most of the men you criticised last season have come good…

We remember last year’s vulgar descriptions of a certain backrower, who led the Dally M’s for much of the opening parts of the season until injury…

We stick by our men. It’s not about settling for mediocrity, it is rugby league fandom – it is Manly Sea Eagles fandom!

We too want the best for our team; the Orfords, Bells and Lyons…

But we don’t crush what we have, those with their hearts on their sleeves…those doing their best…their best which IS good enough to turn a team around as THEY have…

They’ve turned your team around…not you…

You don’t influence policy…never have…never will…that’s not your jobs…

Give up trying…rather lift your glasses in unison and support your club…support is what fans do – a losing streak should not wane support and begin a call for heads, because if heads fall, it’s not because of you…

As our chairman Paul Cummings said, a fan’s job is to support and it’s his and his team’s job to administrate…If you wish to cross that bridge; the door is that way…

Otherwise, let’s all cheer….

MANLY (clap, clap, clap), MANLY (clap, clap, clap), MANLY (clap, clap, clap)…

This piece was written due to popular demand by a certain administrator of an “Alternate� site for their birthday – I wish them the happiest of birthdays and many joyous returns…
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I started reasing it but forgot my maroon coloured glasses today....Also the lack of a sweet tooth didnt help.....what a load of unrealistic Babble!

Back to the land of milk and honey with ye!
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I don't think any one who supports Manly is going to stop supporting Manly. For the first time in around 1000 cases of beer (that would be in a long time) we have had a season start where Eagles supporters could hold their heads up high and say with pride who we barrack for. And just as we get to the point where we are finally feeling good about ourselves all the negative prophesies from people who have nothing good to say about Manly start coming true. From front runners to heading out the back door.

That said it is only logical that we start to look inwardly for answers. We have a history and tradition of being a top competitor and we all want to be there again.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I'm waiting for Matabeles reply I agree with alot of it. :)

Being bound by the conditions above I'd suggest Sue and Vegas will have "censored" written all over it :)
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

Super work Haig!

Happy Birthday and best wishes AE you big, naughty, trouble makers you! :clap: :drunk:
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

A fair article, written from the True Supporter perspective. Much of what you say is balanced and reasonable.

I think some of the conjecture to which you refer comes from supporters who were around in the Toovey/Lyons/Kosef/Ridge/Menzies etc halcyon days of the 90s when we set the standards, hardly ever lost and were top of the tree in every manner. We got used to success and crave for it. It has been hard to chop the 'mediocrity served up by certain players in the maroon and white, though we have made significant gains this year.

Two issues: The big issue with the Prop to which you refer (for mine) is whether he has a go. He has great talent but apart from the Easts game has done little to live up to his reputation. (I know he is playing injured!)

The halfback issue revolves around whether he is the one to lead us to the promised land. Phil Gould himseld asked this question on one Fri night. Noone questions MM guts, defence etc but whether he is the guide around the paddock to consistently beat the top teams.

My final point revolves around Anthony Watmough. There was a debate about him and his potential last year. One of two posters felt he had not lived up to his potential whilst others said he was going to be a star this year. The latter were correct. My point is this. This forum is a collective of a wide range of supporters - there is no one mind. There are a couple of vocal and strong minded individuals but there are others that disagree with them and say so with style. For every King and Monaghan detractor there has been a proponent.

In my view this is what makes this site the one I have turned to the most. Healthy debate, a good laugh and the chance to express an opinion without worrying about the 'thought police.'

Thanks for your views Haig and keep up the good work for the Sea Eagles in the different areas that you contribute. I hope the team turns it around and finishes off what they started in the first ten rounds. Go Manly!
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

Good read Haig, I myself much prefer the glass half full theory rather than the glass half empty theory that tends to prevail on this site.

This time last year we were geniune wooden spoon canditates, this year we are geniune top 8 candidates.

I know my glass is half full, next year I expect it to be full.

If management has failed this year to deliver on its promises I am dammed if I can see where they have. It is so easy for the critics to sit in the back stalls and throw jibes when you don't have to live in the reality and actually deliver those promises.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I look at it this way

If the glass is half empty you will never be dissapointed. If everything goes the way you expect, well you get what you expected. if it goes the other way you are over the moon because instead of emptying your glass filled up!
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

Fair call Daniel, but I dare say you would still be dissapointed if they play like **** and you expected them to play like ****.

However, I'm probably in that category too.

Congratulations for a top site, and thank you for all the effort, money and time that the chief contributors put in, it is greatly appreciated.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I look at it this way

If the glass is half empty you will never be dissapointed. If everything goes the way you expect, well you get what you expected. if it goes the other way you are over the moon because instead of emptying your glass filled up!

The rhetoric has gone over my head, but as my glass is half full I am, in retrospect pleased with the season to date. I started the season hoping for a top 8 finish and at this stage we are still tracking that way.

Compared that to the Sunday afternoon last year at NSO when we played South Sydney and the match was billed as the battle for the wooden spoon. We have come a long way and next season with a quality centre I would expect an even stronger season, with or without Orford.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Good read haig and some good points made.

Happy bday AE
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

At this point last season I would have been overjoyed at our position. But I got use to winning again
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I actually, really, really don't know where to start.

There is so much positive spin in that article that it would even make the Wheel dizzy. PErhaps that's the plan. It's such unmitigated mush that it makes your eyes spin and your brains leak out.

Perhaps the best approach would be to summarise in one pithy sentence - as only I can do.

Actually, take your pick:

Saying Manly is okay at the moment is like saying climbing Ayers Rock is taking you to the top of the world.

Saying Manly is okay at the moment is like saying climbing Ayers Rock is a good preparation for an assault on Everest.

Manly is to the finished article what Monaghan is to Andrew Johns. (Interpretation - not even fit to tie his boot laces).

On a closing note - we will put that statement by Mssrs Cummings to the test one day. Maybe one day real soon.

And that's all I have to say about That.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

I didn't realise we were judging Manly's season on the past 4 weeks in that case the season has been a total write off, waste of time and has generally stunk and in that case I totally agree with your comments.

The trouble is my memory, such as it can recall some stirring back to the wall performances in the first 14 or so rounds. If you choose to dwell on the past 4 weeks that is of course your perogative, I just think the season should be viewed in its entirety rather than our current very poor form.
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

Pete, you should have a signature that reads

"Keeping the bastards honest who are keeping the bastards honest"
AE's First Birthday - A present from Haig

Corso Pete. In general, if we were to rest on our laurels now and enjoy moderate success from this season, I dare say we wouldn't have a club to support in 5 years.

This is better than this time last year where I felt we had 2 years left if we didn't turn things around.

But if we want to be the club we once were, there is a MOUNTAIN of work STILL to be done.

Now is not the time to lift the foot off the throat.

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