Ae survivor, first round ends today


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The votes will be tallied automatically at midday and we will see who the first person voted of AE survivor 2005 is.

So if you want to vote. get in there and vote for the person who performed the worst out of the team on Saturday.

(it doesnt mean they are a bad player just that they didnt perform as well as others did on sunday)......

We will know at 12:01 today, so prepare yourselves.

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very true. But the "Tribe has spoken", well they are still speaking :D
Should the NRL judiciary sign up and put their piece of paper in the jar? The long walk with the flame extinguished has already hoppaned.....
no he wont he will be cancelled out anyway down the track as he is no longer a Manly player.

I would say its Hoppa but you never know, these tribal councels can go either way. Especially with alliance made and broken you never know
click on survivor at the top of the screen then click on the player you want to vote for.
Thats the first place to look for everything Dan comes up with.

There is just so much to it these days
lol i try to keep you guessing and put things all over the place.

by the way.

Hoppa goooorrne with 22 votes
Im not sure whats going to hit him the hardest. Being sacked of kicked of the AE survivor. Im going with the later.
No surprise Hoppa is gone, art imitating life again. Or is it virtual reality ?

Just out of interest what happens if two (or more) players poll the same amount of votes. Do you operate on some form of countback, or is there a second round of voting with only the players in question considered.

The player who has recieved the most votes tallyed from previous rounds gets the gong.
yup i do a count back if after the count back they are still tied a random selectin is enforced

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