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    In the past Silvertails has primarily left their advertising up to 3rd party networks such as Google Adsense.
    As the site grows we are constantly revising advertising on the site and exploring opportunities to expand the opportunities for advertising within the site.

    Some important stats for March 2012 can be seen below, showing the sort of numbers that your advertising can be exposed to.

    109,171 Visits

    23,952 Unique Visitors

    765,745 Pageviews

    7.01 Pages/Visit

    This number grows daily and as such we want to offer advertising to you, our visitors and fans of the Sea Eagles across the entire site.

    We do not believe that any one package fits all advertisers and as such are open to discussing way that we can integrate your advertising into the site, in a way that suits you best. This means that most arrangements are made on an ad-hoc way, leaving the positioning and pricing up for negotiation. We feel this provides a better way for you to be comfortable with the arrangement and allowing for a better relationship.
    As you can see from the statistics above, Silvertails is a busy site, which handles a lot of traffic daily, with obvious peaks during and directly after games, averaging nearly 25,000 pageviews per day and reaching nearly 25,000 people in a month. The larger portion of the traffic visits the forums and the front pages and these are key areas for advertising. Spaces are limited however and we try not to use too many advertisers at any one time, maximizing the exposure for our clients.
    Some of the advertising formats we offer:
    1 - Banner advertising: We offer sever different sizes of banner adverts, the most prominent being a "leaderboard' style 728 * 90 banner throughout the site, a sky scraper 160px × 600px advert also throughout the site. We can provide above and below the fold advertising and are happy to accommodate other sizes where possible.
    2 - Advertorial: An editorial style advert can be placed on the site, this will generate a content page and a matching forum post for maximum exposure, the advertorial will start on the front page of the site and work it's way down, as other news items are posted
    3 - Forum sponsorship: Your business can sponsor a specific forum within the site, where you banner will be displayed both on the forum list page as well as within that forum
    4 - Forum Posts: We are happy to also look at sponsored forum posts that advertise your business or product.

    5 - Link and Other advertisements: We are also happy to integrate your link adverts through out the site. Beyond this we are happy to accommodate other options or suggestions for advertising that you may have
    6 - Business Directory: We are currently in the process of setting up a Business Directory for Sea Eagles supporters. We know that supporters like to help out other supporters and sometimes that extends to becoming patrons of other supporters businesses, we are still looking at interested parties on this and will implement when enough interest is communicated.

    If you are interested in hearing more or would like to discuss our pricing and advertising opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel, at


Discussion in 'Site Information' started by Dan, Jun 3, 2010.

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