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Has anyone ever been the victims of bullying by adults??
At first I would have laughed it off , but now my wife and I are experiencing a type of bullying from two men right now. We have a long history with one of the men , and the other is his friend who lives across the road from me(bloddy smalltowns). I am not entirely sure that my neighbour is completely involved but iam sure he eggs his mate on.
Heres my problem- this guy is a complete wanker and little smart arse(Ryan could deck him,and get away with it) , and he eggs people on ,who have taught him a lesson , and ended up with an assault charge on them. This is why I havnt dealt with him myself , as I have been in front of a judge once and never again.
My wife placed an AVO on him to stay away from us, but he is allowed to go to his friends place across the road. HUH! Last Friday he was across there and taunted us as we left , then when i get home my dogs are missing , and well, most of you know what happened to Reggie on the highway. Told the police , asked can we prove it . We couldnt and that was it. He was across the roa all ay an placed20 prank calls while my wife was at home an i at work. Tol police , can we prove it , ( well we are trying to get phone records) , but failing that coppers cant do anything. Now he is there tonight , out the front laughing and carrying on.
What do I do??? I am at home with my 3 year old daughter and wife at work. I cant go out and do anything because i have my daughter with me. For the second time in my life , I am truly scared as ****. I am sure it is just bullying and nothing more sinister will happen , but its not knowing that really scares me to death.
I have never been intimidated by anyone before but now this little weed is doing it to me , and all because the legal system favours the criminals. As long as he doesnt set foot on my yard he is fine.
Question. What is the point of an AVO. Once we got it , it just got worse but the police can do nothing.


Kim Jong Dan
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Mate same thing. get someone else to sort it out.
"can he prove it was you?" no.

case closed


The police won't or can't do anything unless they have evidence.

I suggest that everytime you go out the front of your house make sure you have a video camera with you so that if he comes out and does or says anything make sure you get it all on film.

Eventually either he will get the message or do somehting that will enable you to either go back to the courts to increase the effectiveness of the AVO or get the cops involved.

Failing that pay someone to fix him up for you.

Canteen Worker

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I record a video camera left on with a wide view of your place when you are out could be an interesting thing to do.

The paper mentioned a guy who did this last week and the police arrested a neighbour who was looking in a girl's window.

A web cam could also be a worthwhile investment. Guys like this can't help themselves and trip up eventually due to overconfidence.

Sadly the only real language they understand is intimidation and to lower yourself to that level is probably not emotionally worth it.


We have a camera but need to get a video machine to record to.
My brother offered to send a maori he knows in Wollongong to fix him up. This may be an option further down the track. At the moment i want to get him back more emotionally and mentally. Physical scares can heal. Something like having his children taken away because he deals drugs out of his house. Now that might hurt him a little.


Reserve Grader
Follow him home alone one night , break both his legs with a Baseball bat , no witnesses your word against his , or if hes Dealing Drugs call Crime stoppers you can do it anonymously , or another plan get a letter printed up saying hes a Convicted Paedophile with his address on it make multiple copies and get someone to do letter box drop in your surrounding streets , could also spray paint same above outside his house on the road etc , that should make his life real interesting :D


I forgot to mention one thing.
I am a foreman at my work and his partner , who is also a real piece of work(tried flushing a 4 foot plant down the toilet when raided a while back) works at the same place.its hard when you work with a hundred plus people who love to talk. I am not a real vindictive person but if it keeps deteriorating Imgnna have to get dirty myself.
All very good ideas guys, thanks.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
I suggest you DONT get your hands dirty on this & I wouldnt suggest the Maori option either. Jails are full of people that were not the instigator.

This is a situation that calls for some patience & to use this tools weaknesses to your advantage.

Obviously the easiest & best bet is to have the cops take care of him. AVO scenarios are not liked by the cops, however the cops WILL want to be involved if this particular dropkick has a history. If he sells drugs there is a higher probability he is known to either local police or somewhere else.

My suggestion is to wait till there is a situation where you do need to call the local police. Make your complaint then let them know he is involved in narcotics and you are concerned for your children & the neighbourhood children.

Make a diary note of all his movements when you are around including anything remotely suspicious ( ie ,lots of comings & goings). Date time, who said what etc etc. Let the cops see your diary notes while they are there. Once the cops take an interest in him it wont be long before he becomes too busy on other pressing matters to worry about you.

Then let it take its natural course and prop up the deckchair in the front gardden & enjoy. 8)


The cops are very very interested. They want to grab him , but I spose they need to have a decent amount of evidence otherwise it is futile. I didnt even consider the maori option , although what this guy apparently does is quite funny, as long as you are not the victim.

A guy in Chiiping Norton went and stole form my brothers work. It wasnt until 2 weeks later an employee came back from holidays and found out about the theft. He asked what had been done about it. Since they couldnt prove it was this guy , nothing happened, but they knoew it was him. Anyhow ,the employee had Mister maori go round to this guys house and , lets say the crim is no longer a virgin so to speak.


Journey Man
Do you know your rear neighbours?

If so both of you leave your house - let the wife go somewhere safe, jump your back fence and come in the back door - wait with video in hand


Reserve Grader
Does he have a Missus? If so and you want to go the non-violent way, I once played a prank on the girlfriend of a friend of mine (via MSN) that I was his gay lover and couldn't hide it from her anymore. Took the guy hours (literally) to convince her I was bull****ting. Something similar might be in order here :p


Does he have a Missus? If so and you want to go the non-violent way, I once played a prank on the girlfriend of a friend of mine (via MSN) that I was his gay lover and couldn't hide it from her anymore. Took the guy hours (literally) to convince her I was bull****ting. Something similar might be in order here :p
Hi Downie,
You may be onto to something there. His missus works at the same place i do.

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