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In all likelihood this weekend represents Tezza's last game in the NRL and for Manly. He has certainly had a chequered career playing for Wests, Easts, Manly, Souths and Wests Tigers (Norths weren't round for the other point of the compass!) and certainly served NSW and Australia well. He will be well remembered as a Premiership winner in the marvellous Manly sides of the mid 90s, especially for his verbal antics.

Always controversial he was sent off several times in the 90s, was involved in transfer drama, had issues with coaches (Sharp, Langmack, Lamb) at several clubs and was never far away from a newspaper headline. What endeared him to many was that larrikan touch that he provided to many a club, plus his fierce determination and will to win.

Some were very against his playing for Manly this year and the jury is divided as to his contribution. He has certainly lost his pace and elusiveness but his fierce determination and will to win are evident to all. The amount of game time this year has also been a moot point. His signing was seen as a desperation ploy by some, a stop-gap measure by others and an important step in the development of the club by those who count.

I wonder how his career will finish and how we will remember Tezza!!!


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IMO his best effort this year was in Rnd 1 against the Warriors.

When he signed my team poster at the beginning of the year, his was the largest signature of anybody and he did it over some of the other player heads. Read into that what you like 8|

I can't say what impact he has had on the young'uns but hopefully his infectious will to win has been part of it.

I don't think any Manly supporters will forget his try against Brisbane in 1999 to snatch a draw.

All up (thanks to soaringseaeagle for figures prior to this year) Terry has so far played 141 games for Manly and scored 64 tries. He also represented NSW 14 times and Australia 9 times. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I don't think anyone is likely to forget Tezza.


It was disspointing that there wasn't much of a farewell for him after the last home game against the Warriors.

i thought that he could have at least have done a lap of the ground after the game so that the fans could have said good bye to him better.

A top player in his day and should never have been allowed to leave Manly. Thanks Sharp. Sunday will be payback day.


tezza would not have wanted any accolades on a day that the team lost, thats what he is like.

He was signed to add depth and experience, a bit of mongrel and direction for the young players. He earned his money this year, there where countless other poorer performances.

Tezza was never going to run the length of the field, but im sure Des would be happy with his contribution.

His current high profiole in the media to im sure is part ploy from Manly to deflect the pressure of a lot of the younger blokes, Des knows it wont effect Tezza, he will just get on with te job.

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