Adam Dykes???

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Sports tonight rumour from Phantom on another thread:

Is he coming to Manly to ease the 5/8 problems.

I thought he was just happy again in Sharkville after years in the wilderness at Slimey Town??? Would be better than what we have!! 8|


Journey Man
Souths were approached with this Backer, and said he definately isn't going to them. You think of all the OTHER teams, and the only one that may need him would be possibly The Bulldogs who have just lost Anasta & us.
He is pretty creative, and is an excellent skilled 5/8. He has a good kicking game, and we'd FINALLY have a specialist 5/8 after HOW LONG playing 1/2 backs there?
He'd be a good pick up. Then, all we'd need is Jamie Lyon in the centres.

Hey - I'm greedy - whatever....LoL. I feel a YART coming on:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Ashley Alberts
03. Steven Bell
04. Jamie Lyon
05. Chris Hicks
06. Adam Dykes
07. Matt Orford
08. Brent Kite
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Daniel Heckenberg
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Kylie Leuluai
16. Luke Williamson
17. Mark Bryant

I think that's a side you could potentially say is as good as the Parras / Brisbanes etc.


Kim Jong Dan
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*cough* hecks and minogue are goorne *cough*


Who is going to replace them? Rose and ?

I have heard that there is a story on Jamie Lyon in tomorrows Sun Herald. Anyone know what it is about? Maybe he is announcing his signing with manly for 2006?


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*cough* hecks and minogue are goorne *cough*

Where did you hear that? I can't see them getting rid of 2 props when we are already lacking in that department. Let me guess Jason King is going to take the slack :doh: :wall:


Journey Man
I'd say they are thinking Bryant is a permanent replacement for Hecks, and possibly Cuthbertson for Kylie.

I don't think this is the case though guys.

What people forget is we speant $460k under the cap this year, then let Hoppa $90k, Donald 90k, Randall $170k, Harris $150k go. We bought Orford / Bell who are BOTh getting $270k in their 1st year. We have plently of room without sacking propos.


Journey Man
Why we would let Heckneberg go ahead of King is beyond me. I think that's idle speculation.

I doubt the Sun Herald will have anything on Manly tomorrow. Once you bow out of the race you are basically forgotten. The papers will be full of Tigers, as they are today.

The only link with Dykes and Manly is that his manager is Mimis who is in sweet with Manly after the Orford deal.


Kim Jong Dan
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when do their contracts expire?

I thought theirs ended this year, and they havent been re-signed


UFO Hunter
If the web designer for the new manly site held up to his contract, I would be able to go over and check.


UFO Hunter
No, I just have a vague memory of hearing hecks was re-signed and kylie was last year.

Lets just say im as sure as you are.


Kim Jong Dan
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i thought they were re-signed for a year each. minogue maybe 2 years


UFO Hunter
You were right about Hecks. He is off contract, I am sure I remember him being re-signed but if this info is correct we may be lossing a hard working forward. Kylie must be contracted to next season, he isn't mentioned here.

Manly Sea Eagles
GAINS: Steven Bell (Melbourne) and Matt Orford (Melbourne)
LOSSES: Scott Donald (Leeds), Chad Randall (London), Terry Hill (retired), and Sam Harris (Wests)
RE-SIGNED: Michael Monaghan (2008), Adam Cuthbertson, Steve Matai, Paul Stephenson, Jason King (2008), and Chris Hicks (2007), Shayne Dunley (2007)
OFF CONTRACT: Mailangi Styles, Mitch Creary, Nathan Hollingsworth, Phil Morwood, Daniel Heckenberg, Jye Mullane, Mark Lennon, Jared Taylor, Nathan Tutt, and Jeff Robson.


Kim Jong Dan
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i think the only one to be re-signed will be styles. perhaps lennon & taylor. it is a shame ecause hecks is the hard working forward we need


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
dykes probably one of the last of the geniuine 5/8s in the comp

i wouldnt mind him

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