Adam Cuthbertson

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Stoked to see that with the loss of players to origin Cuthbo gets a run. Last year Cuthbo had a shocker against the Broncos, up in Queensland. So its time to make things right. GO CUTHBO!
He is due for a run being 18th man enough this season - I like Cuthbo, he blew a good chance last season by having a shocker.

Good luck big fella
Why is that ?

I'd play him in position, he's much better there.

You've made a bad choice there Fluff.

He deserves his shot.
I'm not sold on Cuthbertson as a front rower . He plays good, but only in spurts imo. He needs to consistently go hard to get a look in. He's tall but with that skinny leg look, kind of like King last year. He needs to model his game on Beaver's to get noticed. Lock perhaps.
Yep, he's been given another chance. Let's hope for his sake that he grabs it with both hands this time.

Good Luck to him.
Used to play junior footy with Cuthbo back in the day for Avalon.

He used to be plain podgy. Good to see he got his act together. But his problem used to be that he didn’t like to put in, he just showed up, did what he had to do and then left.

I hope that isn’t something that is now plaguing his NRL career, as he has plenty of talent as a BACK ROWER. Would be a shame to see it going to waste in PL.
Nope, IMO he's done his dash. If he can't do it now he never will. Time to move onto the next prospect for mine.

Average at best tonight.
Nope, IMO he's done his dash. If he can't do it now he never will. Time to move onto the next prospect for mine.

Average at best tonight.

Que ?

I thought he added more in attack than Bryant, Hall or Rose tonight. His offloads add another dimension to our play that is much needed and is worth sticking with until it all comes good. This also covers for Ox's lack of creativity & frees Kingy up to play 5/8.
Why is Des so insistent in maintaining him in the middle of the ruck? He's best as stated earlier running wide in combination with centres.

That's why my joke was created about him on the wing. Canteen Worker and I were sitting there, and I commented that he should play wing he was running so wide - and he was dominating there.

Des surely has improved the majority of players at this club, but with Cuthbo, I unfortunately think he has done him a mis-justice.
he looked poor to start with when he played as a prop just as i said he would.

When he started running a little wider and more free flowing the offloads came and he created second phase play, something that our backs would love to see more of. Not much worse than Bryant or Rose as a prop, better than Hall as a backrower.
I thought Bryant went ok tonight.. George Rose was hmmm ok I guess and Hall was crap.

I think Des is getting the picture with willo.. he seemed to keep him off for a long time and had Ballin in the backrow and Mona's at hooker.. did anyone else notice that??
I certainly noticed that Ballin was on at the end with Monas. We look so much better with Ballin at rake - both defensively and in attack. Ballin is not big enough to play 2nd row though.

I thought Cuthbo started poorly but improved - maybe nerves. His second phase balls were generally good, though defensively he is not strong. Bryant was very good tonight and Hall is just plain solid.

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