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can any of you blokes fill me in on this fellow.he seems to get a lot of wraps every where i go.i have seen him play 3 or 4 times in lower grades and to be quite honest he has done very little each time.3 or 4 games is obviously nowhere near enough to make a call.for you guys who watch him regularly what are his pros/ he too young for des to consider? i ask that because blokes like tutt and morewood are not up to it and seem to get a run in preference to him.

im also a bit worried that my main concern with g.stewart (size) may prove correct.he has oodles of talent but physically he has not progressed as much as i hoped.hope im wrong.
hi sue, ive watched adam from matthews thru sg ball and now flegg, pl

i didnt think he would make it 2 years ago, yet hes got fitter and developed great ball skills

hes 6ft 3 at least and 100 kg, hes pretty quick and i think 19?? or so

he started in flegg this year and 2 b honest is going great in PL

next year i think he will b in 17 man nrl squad, he has lots of potential and a year with beaver, bk etc will do wonders

YES i think he can make it
Good call Darren, he had a blinder against Dragons in P/L in a well beaten side.
Yes he was just about our best in P/L last sunday.He was able to get his arm free to pass the ball back numerous times.He also attracted a few defender's each time he took the ball up,he was the most damaging foward for Manly.I believe Clontago mentioned he was about to be called up for first grade earlier in the season i think for the West's Tigers game,but had a bout of Tonsilitis.I believe he has alot of Potential,young and a bit raw but looks the good's.
"a bit raw" is a fantastic description

He has good size approx 105kg and great speed for a big man. He can offload and has vision.

His defence can be damaging too - have seen some of the bigger PL hits from him.

Sometimes pushes the pass when its not on

A bit of first grade experience this year would go a long way - give him goals in the off season.
Yeah Adam is my mates nephew. At this stage he is off contract at the end of this year and is yet to be made an offer. Having said that I think other signings have obviously been a priority. Des has spoken to Adam a couple of times and he was to come off the bench before getting sick. I hope the club keeps him as he wants to stay. Andrew hit the mark, he is young and raw. The thing I like about him is he is passionate, I sat with him after the Newcastle game and he was pretty dirty on himself and I didnt think he played badly at all.
He is a great prospect. This is his first full year in Flegg and he has potential
I do hope we retain Adam for the next few year's and beyond.He can be anything if it all goes well.I look foward for many years of watching young Adam play first grade for Manly.
It will be a sad day when Beaver finally retire's,but with Choc and Adam we have a new breed of champion backrow.We have some really good prospect's in P/L Jared Taylor,Travis Burn's,Adam and Matt Ballin all look potential star's.Let's hope with the capture of Bell & Orford we have a bright future for Manly.
IM not sure he will play in the backrow - he is only 19 and already well over 100kg. I think he will become better suited to prop, kinda plays like simpson at the moment.

maybe Clon knows where he see his future position?
sue - (for specifics) almost every time he got the ball against the Dragons, he tended to make planty of metres, spun when hitting the line, and made plaenty of offloads - effectual ones at that. He was a very wide running backrower, at times being the player furthest out wide (winger position). He made one clear line break himself out wide, and his offload created a line break (I think for Peachey when he came on), that eventually led to a try.

I remember saying to Wheel, that he would make a fine winger. Whilst you all think this is a bit of a joke, consider this:-

1. He is only marginally slower than Rooney;
2. He is 6 feet 3 inches, and can tackle like a demon;
3. Imagine him bearing you down on the wing. Imagine Scotty Donald trying to tackle him for example;
4. He is GREAT under the attacking high ball. Don't know about the defensive high ball (when we are being attacked).

Whilst my idea sounds outlandish, I personally think it has merrit.

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