Absolutely useless Test backrow

This backrow for us is a disgrace. They are there on reputation and name only. What is Mason doing in the side? I didn't see him do ANYTHING useful on the weekend, except rile up the opposition who seemed to play better as a result of it. Those two indiscretions only served to give away penalties. I didn't see any barnstorming runs or stinging tackles. Mason can only concentrate for 10 minutes at a time, then he does nothing for 20 minutes. Hindmarsh is a tackling machine, but gives us NOTHING in attack. He's been Smith-ified. He's too slow with the ball and doesn't offload. And O'Donnell simply doesn't have the skills to play as a lock in the Test Arena. He was useless on Saturday. Locks are meant to be ball-players who can offload. He can't. I'd much rather see Hoffmann of Gallen given a chance. If there are no changes to the backrow for the next game I will personally write a letter to the Selectors in disgust.


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Crusher...what game did you watch? The 1st half was a brutal game of football, with plenty of big hits. It was only the last quarter of the game we played (censored) thats when our own arrogence cost us the game. With regard to Mason, if he held on the the two passes and scored you'd be saying he was sensational? If you want to get up him for that why don't you give it a try? The poms turned up ready for a big game, we didn't and got caught out....it wont happen in the second game...
Mellon - he didn't catch those passes. And he often doesn't. He's not the complete player everyone reckons he is. And Ryan intimidation is only good up to a certain extent. At the end of the day you need a skillful backrower who contributes to the outcome. I'm not sayaing necessarily drop him - I'm just saying Staurt should put a rocket up his as*s and tell him to actually do something useful - like run with the ball.


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So your saying, if he was off contract you wouldn't buy him?

Besides.... ya right he didn't catch them, but the defense was in his face.... if it was Kiwi or any other side (including Manly) he would have scored. All it proves is that if your committed in your defense and you are prepared to take a hit, you can stand up to anything. Wish the Manly players learned something from the poms.

Crusher, you've been great knocking the second row, now why don't you give us a workable and "sensible" alternative. Given I am not a O'Donnell fan so I'm open to another option there. But I reckon Mason is not as bad as you have made him out to be and certainly better than most around.
Fair enough Mellon, and you're right - of course I'd want him if he was on the market. But I don't think he plays anywhere near his potential. We only get glimpses of what he can do. I thought he was very disappointing on Sat night, and if he hadn't been in that fight, no-one would have even known he was on the field. For one I'd play him off the bench, and start Ryan Hoffman. I'd rather Gallen than O'Donnell as well.


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Actually - Crusher is right to a degree in my opinion as well. I think Mason is a much better prop than 2nd rower actually.

My backrow would then be (at full strength):-

11. Nathan Hindmarsh (given)
12. Ben Creagh
13. Reni Matua

I don't know what it is about Creagh, but I reckon hes a fantastic player, and would have been brilliant in an Eagles jersey.

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