Absolutely disgusted at posts like the following

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I can not believe people are having a go at Cummings. That is absolutely ridiculous. I have said all i need to in the link above
why not, it seems tolerated that people can sprout whetever they want about the captain here - seems only fair.

i dont agree with what they are saying but there isnt that much difference here
no one has actually really had a go at monas (well matas perhaps) we have just supported the decision of the club. Fluffy you are smarter than that. Read the posts, there is no bagging of Monas in here
mata has well and truly bagged monas and you have fully supported him

he has recently asked for monas to be sacked, not just re-signed.

He is not the only one either
Fluffy is right, mata has gone a bit too far on this one. But thats Mata for you.
the bottom line to this thread is that cummmins is simply following the advice of Tooves/Dessie/Crusher/Bozo and Co, so dont shoot the messenger. Now who has the guts to cast stones at those blokes, Cummins is an easy target but but its simply shooting the messenger.

I cant bag monaghs, he may have some shortcomings, but he gives 110%, the only bloke i have bagged on here is kingey, as in my opinion he has not given it his all, although i will be the first to say hey lifted dramatically friday.
The only bagging I have given Monas is for the selection of his manager and allowing this all to go public. As a Manly player who gives his all he is at the very top of my respect meter and would be one of the first I would personally sign. I hope the outcome today is positive and we can get on with the year.
mata i was simply saying that you have aas much right to bag monas as they do cummings.

so the dry your eyes comment can only be forwarded to danny since he was having the whinge.

It appears that management have taken a deep breath and realised that they have handled this rather poorly and are reconsidering things without the emotion invoilved earlier.

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