About bloody time


Journey Man
Will be great to go into pubs and clubs without having to breathe a lungful of dirty passive smoke. :clap: :clap: :clap:


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It is only a start because a smoking room only needs to be 25% open to the air. Why not 75% or 100% open? Who is going to police it?

No-one has been fined for smoking in non smoking areas of pubs since the last changes despite 550 complaints.

Typical stinking NSW government pandering to the publicans again rather than the patrons who actually pay all of their wages.


Journey Man
Our local clubs are all scurrying around putting up pergolas as smoking areas. The important thing is there will be no smoking inside where the recirculated air is going to pick it up and pump it to all quarters of the building.

I'd imagine the pokie victims might benefit from this decision too.


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best thing to happen fora long time fullstop, ban it from sale everywhere.

filthy stinking habit


Welcome to the pleasure of the smoke free environments that we have had the pleasure of in Canberra for quite some time now!


Journey Man
Filthy disgusting habit. Good riddance.

It stunts your growth you know....and I have never smoked....so it's THEIR fault !!!


Winging it
Dolphin and whale loving, tree hugging, carbon neutral handbag wearing softies. Smoking is an important part of this country's culture and heritage. I am disappointed in the lotofya! ;)

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Has been in over here for about 2-3 years i think

Is brilliant to come home after a night out and not be reeking of smoke.


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the other legal drug to which you refer Matas does not have a carcinogenic by product as in passive smoke. yes I realise you are about to say it is a health risk to the user but Smoking is a health risk to all around that user. When grog is used reponsibly and in moderation it is not a problem.

Your obvious comeback and I concur to some degree is when it is NOT used in moderation.

Unless of course you are talking about gambling and I agree there. :)


Winging it
With Des's selections, with the team's form, with the slow descent down the ladder, with global warming, with police infiltrating the family, with idiots running jeeps into airports before burning their skin off, with Paris enduring solitary, is it any wonder that a small thing like having a ciggie shouldn't be seen as a crime? :p Oh the humanity! (apols to the Hindenburg)...


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MB they can smoke all they want, just don't pollute the air I have to breathe.

A byproduct of alcohol is urine, how would smokers like it if I got up on a table and peed on them??
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