Aaron Schoupp

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Plenty of clubs have players on that amount. The recruitment and salary cap management has been terrible for a decade.

We have seen things as ridiculous paying Latu Fainu at 16 the most for any player yet to play nrl and we know how that has worked out.

We let Api Korasai leave, we sign players like cooper johns. I can name a heap more but we have been terrible in recruiting and it doesn't take money a the low level it needs talent id.

I get it he is "depth" and cheap supposedly but is he any cheaper or better than Kaeo Weekes who we showed the door?

We sign players for no reason we have needed a hooker for years plenty of young talent stuck at other clubs Tallyn Da Silva or mamouzelos yet we are not pro active.

Don't need a million dollars to find talent if you are prepared to give them a go.

We always go for the waddel, Lodge, Brown types players who are injury prone over the hill or players that were never any good.

When was the last time we stole a nsw u19 star from another club? or a junior kiwi or qld u19 star? we are sleep walking into irrelevancy in this comp.

Time for us to get serious it can be done the Dolphins look to have a better future than us in their second season this **** is embarrassing.
Don't agree with every point, but you've definitely made a lot of valid points in your post.


Jesus Christ, another outside back that couldn't cut it at several other clubs... We're nothing if not consistent I guess...

People like me don't get the s#@ts because we're not winning, we get the s#&ts because since about 2016 we constantly fill the squad with garbage year on year and wonder why we can't get any f+&king results


Let’s all have a chew!
Me: hey we signed that guy Schoupp from the Titans today.

My 14 yr old (in 14yr old whiny tone): whhhhyyy??? We have plenty of outside backs already, and he’s not even good. Can’t even make the titans!

14yr old walks off disinterested.

He could be our next head of recruitment!


We could of got Iro last year at a basement price but no. Not us. His stocks now have significantly risen. Or even a Faalago. There is so much young talent coming through, why aren't we targeting them. Isaiah Iongi springs to mind from Penrith. Cup fullback of the year last year. He is gonna be a star. A ponga 2.0 Stuck behind Edwards. Or zyon maiu from the Warriors, an absolute beast who plays second row or prop. Big wraps on him. These type of players wouldn't cost much if we were willing to give them a start. A bit of forward thinking. Identify these players and sign them before their stocks rise. Jacob Laban is another from the Warriors. Both better prospects than burbo and he is playing FG
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Might be part of Dessie’s settlement with the club…..you take him off my cap….i wonder what the other 9 demands are….


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I think it’s just the two of us that think Ray-Ray has some worth.
Each time he gets a crack in 1st grade he seems to gain a bit more confidence.
The best thing I liked about RR on Friday night wasn’t the try he scored, or the gun shot celebration. It was after that when he turned and just screamed into air with his eyes shut.
That to me was pure passion. Thats the sort of energy that a team needs.
I love seeing players that you can tell it’s much more than a try scored.
It’s personal to them. That sort of emotion can become infectious to the rest of the team.
I think he could be a really good centre.


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Can we at least give the guy a chance before we get the pitchforks out ?

Bloody hell you lot.

Personally, I'd prefer to wait before sinking the boot in.
Don't bother stressing too much about the standard Silvertails reaction, I'm sure you recall the laughter and howls of derision when Manly signed that no-hoper Tommy Talau, yet it seems he is a popular pick as our MVP for the Magic Round game, blimey he may have a skerrick of ability after all, who could have known? @:D


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Been very quiet ,you off to game 7 tomorrow night ??

Oof, I wish. Though I also wish we'd have wrapped it up already.

Nah, I've just been away...then one of my friends dropped by so I have been doing the 'look a mountain, look a bear, look a Tim Horton's!' host moves.


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The only thing that comes to mind for me in us signing Schoupp is ... why??

I think our recruitment staff are missing the point. We don't need more three quarters. We need those who share a professional name with certain workers at places like Kings Cross. You know the ones ... cheap high heels, fishnets, mini skirt, tank top, cheap handbag, charge by the hour.....

Can not win a premiership without a real one. And IMO the only real one we currently have isn't first grade standard (sorry Gordon fans, but he's not).

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