A warning to the convicts and people of middle easter appearance


Journey Man
Should the warring parties choose to have a go at each other this weekend there is something they need to be aware of.

A lot of Dubbo's police are being pulled into Sydney for the weekend festivities.

Let me assure you they have few of the scruples of their city cousins and are very handy at wielding a baton, head butting, and slamming heads into park benches.

Good luck you citys soft {censored}.
And don't forget about also being good at chasing suspects into rivers.

Hopefully we will keep your lot in the city and send you back some of our senior police and duty officers instead.

The problem this weekend is going to be that the ME types will avoid the southern and eastern suburbs because the police presence is too high.

Instead I think that they will spread out all over sydney and do hit and smash activities in other suburbs. Time to be careful over the weekend because the beaches are not imune and could receive trouble.

The only way to stop it for good is to put the worst 150 in jail for long time. Maybe we could build a new jail in Dubbo to put them in?
Wellington. uuuugggghhhh.

Maybe they could bring photos of Wellington with them and show them to the troublemakers and threaten them with spending the rest of their lives there if they continue to muck up. That surely will stop the problems.
Amen to that, Lithgows already got one Jail and are bidding for another, couldnt happen to a nicer hole
Now that, young Clon explains a lot :)

and I'd prefer Portland to Lithgow................just
Spent a fair amount of time around there as a kid. We had a property, 118 acres, at Pyramul. Any of you country folk know where that is?
Wang is better than Lithgow.

Pyramul is a lovely place :)

Actually Ive never been there but I know where it is
Not much there mate, about 7 houses and a school from memory. You dont happen to know the name of the place where the pub is with the swinging bridge out the back is do you? Its about 20km from Pyramul I think. I remember chasing a ****ing dirty pig around the footy oval there when I was a kid.

An actual pig too, not a woman.
Sofala had a bridge straight out the back of the pub but it got washed away in a flood. Unless its hargraves or Windeyer your talking about, neither of which are esactly huge :)

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