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I didn't go to the match down at Albion Park and there haven't been a lot of people raving about the Manly performance on talkback or forums, apart from Tezza' 3 tries. To put some perspective on the game I believe the Dragons would have come out firing after the previous weeks flogging by Souths, the 2nd stringers have previous history of playing good footy when giving the chance therefore they had more to play for than us.

Despite this I thought we would have put at least 30 to 40 points on the board considering the side the Dragons trotted out.

I understand we had 3 tries disallowed in the 2nd half when we dominated the game and the fact we came from being behind early in the game does give me soem heart for the season ahead.

I would be interested in knowing how Chad, Sam Harris, Monas and Williamson went. So if anyone went to the game could they provide a quick overview. Cheers
Chad- Played usual game, good defensively, average in attack. Usual 5 - 10 steps before passing

Sam Harris - Started quiet but built up to a strong defensive game with som decent attack. He still has a bright future once he settles.

Monas - What can yous ay solid in attack and defense, kicks were pinpoint accurate and 80% of the time effective. Best Halfback we have ad in a while.

Williamson - Willo is a dead set bloody legend. His haircut makes his head look smaller but this guy is one of the most solid players in the league. He came off the bench and played 5/8 he carved them up in attack and defense. I would say about 3rd best on the field on sat but i am sure others will disagree.
In light of the teams on paper
- average

Put in perspective of your post though
- Good

Definate things to note were that, despite the scoreline the Eagles controlled the game completely. It was some defensive slip ups and luck onthe dragons side that got them the game, it was a short field, and 40 - 20's were in way too much abundance. The only way the Dragons could get out of their half was with kicks. They were pinned and there were very few line breaks by them, manly held very very well around the middle and edges of he ruck and their midfield defense was superb. This was a massive difference to last year where most tries were scored from breaks made around half way.
Looks like the club identified this and put a lot of work in toward this.
Our defense on the line was patchy, but if we can keep teams away from our line and closer their own half then we will be alright.
Sounds good.

The closer we get the more likely i see that top 8 spot being a real possibility.

If we have improved on those areas you point out then we will be right in the race with a few others.
we have sacrificed some attack for that. Dont forget though we still got carved up around the middle of the park by the tigers last week.
I guess from now on trial form means nothing. We have to start putting it all together whne the real pressure is on.
The Warriors game will be our first big test

I mean in comparison to th etrials. The trials meant nothing really and if we dont perform aaginst the warriors then I think our rankings will drop heavily
so our goal line defence is still ****?

It really was beyond a joke last season. i dont remember Manly holding out any team when defending our line.

Sounds like nothings changed.. maybe Des should put them in that situation in training... put them all on the goal line with the other team attacking them so close to improve them.
Team P W L PD Pts
12 8 4 147 20
14 10 4 89 20
14 9 5 105 18
12 7 5 80 18
12 7 5 -1 18
13 8 5 -49 18
13 7 6 12 16
13 7 6 -7 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -18 15
12 5 6 -26 15
13 6 7 52 14
12 5 7 -49 14
14 6 8 -65 12
13 5 8 -94 12
12 3 9 -43 10
13 3 10 -67 8
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