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Journey Man
This has just scored very highly in one of the F7 matches over at LU. It's by 1eyedeel.

A Match made in Hell

Once or twice a year there comes a day when Murray can’t win.

Murray, you see, is a mad Parramatta fan. Murray is married to Dianne. She’s not a mad Parramatta fan.

She supports another team.

Not just any team, though. She supports them. Dianne is a Manly Warringah tragic.

You might ask how can a mad Parramatta fan and a Manly tragic even consider that they could possibly spend the rest of their lives together?

Your writer is not the person to ask. We vehemently insisted to our good friend Murray that such a relationship could never work. Sure, the rivalry might make for some good chemistry in the beginning – loving banter back and forth each week as each team’s fortunes rise and fall. Sure, the opposing loyalties would even make for bountiful comedy material during the wedding day speeches. But Murray, we counselled, think about the children! Can you live with even the remotest possibility that your own flesh and blood could grow up supporting them? Because when it comes to influencing the kiddies, remember it’s mum who’s in the box seat.

Murray babbled on about love and soul mates and how football isn’t the be all and end all. But I knew. I’m married. I know that after so long, the excitement of new love fades. Some things begin to sag. Others occasionally go limp. And then what are you left with?

The Footy.

As it turned out, Murray didn’t have to wait for children to come along, never mind the sagging, before he discovered the dark side of his version of marital bliss. His torment would start only a matter of months after tying the knot.

Manly and Parra at Brookvale. A see-sawing affair that saw Manly seemingly grab a late try only to have it called back for a forward pass before Parramatta sealed victory with a last minute four pointer.

Dianne didn’t take the loss well. I still maintain she deserved the flak that Murray dished out. After all, when she thought Albert Torrens had crossed for the match winner she had certainly served it up. Surely then, Murray, when vindicated with eventual victory, was entitled to return serve.

But Dianne didn’t see it that way. She was not happy. Indeed she was very unhappy. So that night she shut up shop. Told Murray she had a headache, rolled over and told her new husband that if he was going to get his jollies tonight, he might want to go and put on the video and watch the replay of that touch judge ripping off the Sea Eagles once again.

Now Murray wasn’t happy. He was still in that “honeymoon period�, remember. He was buoyant and he wanted to go shopping. Mind you, he had to admit, watching the match replay was a pretty reasonable consolation.

But things would get worse for Murray. The next game between the two clubs was at Parramatta Stadium and this would be no see-sawing battle. The Eels broke a long losing streak, flogging Manly 52 to 12.

To say Dianne was unhappy after enduring 80 minutes of humiliation, would be something of an understatement. That night, she shut up shop again. For a week.

Now, the Eels are due to meet Manly again in two weeks and Murray is worried about the shop possibly going into liquidation if the Eels repeat the last clash flogging.

So Murray thought he might be able to head off his problem if he made a bet. How about if Parra wins, the shop stays open and I get my pick of the store, Murray suggested.

“Would you really want to do it, if I’m miserable and just doing it for a bet?� asked Dianne, who clearly has not yet learned the subtleties, or lack there of, of the male libido. Fortunately for both of them Murray has learned during his short marriage the concept of ‘not making things worse’ and promptly abandoned the whole idea.

Murray thinks he can’t win. If his team loses, he’s miserable. If his team wins, he faces who knows how long going without. “Not so,� I told him. “There’s a definite upside. When the mighty Eels flog those good-for-nothing, mangy Sea Pigeons, you can at least rest comfortably in the knowledge that you won’t have to worry for quite a while about the possibility of raising a house full of Manly supporters�.

The Wheel

Premium Member
A parra fan who put more than 3 words in a sentence - amazing.


Journey Man
It scored 96/100.

The Bird was my offering this week. It will be interesting to see its reception. Our game hasn't been scored yet.


Journey Man
Does anyone have a non-Manly supporting partner? My better half had to convert from the Raiders before we tied the knot.


Journey Man
Hopium was slightly wests - her grandfather is a big wests fan and the males in the family are all now west tigers supporters.

She now supports both them and us.

Dan was saying Vicky was supporting the tigers last sunday


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Vicky's parents supported Wests since they live in concord. I have got vicky to support Manly because she knows my emotions ride on the wins and losses of the team, so she prays each week that they win.

However there was more than 1 cloud in the sky on sunday when after a long deliberation as to whether the tigers had scored a try or not, the video screen lit up with "TRY". Vicky was delighted, she jumped from toe to toe squeeling "Yes!" , Yipee" and a number of other joyous praises.

What she forgot was she was sitting with about 10 Manly fans and standing in teh arms of one wearing a Manly jersey.

Suddenly, a silence filled the air, she looked to he right, then to her left, and realised there were 10 Eagles supporters staring at her with forlorn faces!.

Quickly I quiped "Thats it honey, its over!" and shoved her towards the semi-literate cavemen known as Toigers Fanatics.

Trust me, it isn't only winter spreading a chill through my apartment, its also the cold hatred i hold for that slip of vicky's excitement genes!


Journey Man
Would you allow your missus to convert to Islam CW? ;)
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First Grader
Good read, it's the opposite in my house (I'm Manly & Jody Parra) but no where near intense.

Jody never goes to Parra games and does cheer for manly when at Brookie. The key is not to push them to follow you're team as women have no greater pleasure than doing the opposite of what there man wants...hehe

As all of Jody's 5 sisters are Parra supporters I have told them that I won't put up with them pushing Parra onto Holly. If they buy Parra gear, Holly wont wear it.

It''s a tough job but I hope they'll get the message.

I will be taking Holly to Brooky regularly when she's old enough to know whats going on. I've already got a little jersey and shirt but a bit too big for now.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Ryan can wear the jersey in the mean time :D


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Matas, she looks at it from time to time :D

She knows I have a sense of humour and she shares it so its cool!.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Actually the other day she said.

"I dont want to go out with my friends"

I said "Why"

To which she replied "I really want to go to the game and see if manly win"

god bless her! she is learning and she was deadly serious, she ditched her friends to come watch footy!


Very funny Dan- I hope she has a sense of humour if she keeps check of this forum (for your sake).
I went out with a girl once who I didn't really like but she was easy on the eye and a Manly fanatic. Her old man was rather wealthy and he used to get us great tickets to the footy- that's about the only thing I missed when we broke up.... for a while I thought we could get by with a mutual love for the Eagles!


Journey Man
As all of Jody's 5 sisters are Parra supporters I have told them that I won't put up with them pushing Parra onto Holly. If they buy Parra gear, Holly wont wear it.
I have that problem with my three boys and my Cowboy's toting sister. They are banned from wearing any Cowboys gear.


Journey Man
PJ - run that by us again........

She was beautiful.
Her father was rich.
She enjoyed going to the footy.

What exactly did you not like about her? Was it that Father's riches didn't come from a brewery?

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