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Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
What do you think is the biggest problem facing our society in the next 20 - 30 years?

a) Drug abuse
b) Alcohol abuse
c) Obesity

be interested to see what people think before i have my say.

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I reckon that Obesity is probably the biggest threat as heart disease and diabetes rates are growing. That is not to diminish the impact of the others but we are following the US in weight matters.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
I reckon that Obesity is probably the biggest threat as heart disease and diabetes rates are growing. That is not to diminish the impact of the others but we are following the US in weight matters.
Im glad u posted something CW, your a teacher right? do you think if u were to compare the % of students at your school who are overwieght or obese now to when u started teaching would u say its increased a little bit or a lot?

This is something im really passionate about, i see young kids who are already 20 and 30kgs overweight and it scares the hell out of me. I would never want any kid to go through i what i did until woke up to myself and pulled my head out 18 months ago.


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obesity just has so many side effects (not that the others dont) but it affects far more people now days, just walking around seven hills shopping centre at lunchtime shows a bad story.

How is the weight loss going cliffy?


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
good mate got weighed yesterday and am the lightest ive been in 13 years.
my goal is lose the rest then lose my job and go out there and do something a bit more meaningful


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I reckon matas is the biggest threat to our society :)

I would have to say obesity too. The other two, whilst not under control, has been a problem for hundreds of years, we have strategies and society has somewhat managed to cope with it.

Obesity is somewhat new and without proper management strategies it aint going to change.


Global warming and climate change are our biggest threats.

These are as few comments form a recent article. Imagine our climate if it was 6 degrees hotter. 43 degree days could be the norm in summer in a few decades.

"We now know that 19 of the world's 20 hottest years have occurred since 1980 - the three hottest have all occurred since 1998. We know that icecaps are melting, coral reefs are being bleached, floods are more frequent and glaciers are disappearing, and that we can expect more powerful hurricanes, drier land, more frequent fires and the extinction of a growing number of species.

This week, a report by the Australian National University, commissioned by the Federal Government, found that by 2100 temperatures could increase by almost 6 degrees - much more than originally estimated."


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hun is that you??

you are right tooks, the only way we can counter act it is to start producing ozone - which can be done but there is no financial benefit so it wont happen.


It is also why the nuclear energy debate is happening now as well.

Our economy is old world in that it relies on resources. these will eventually run out and then what do we do for foreign income?

We are major contributors to global warming with our coal exports but we can't do anything about it without sending our economy into a tailspin.


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actually byso it is - its the way in which we live our lives that causes the pollution. If society was less accepting of pumping out tonnes upon tonnes of greenhouse gases then there would be more done to reduce it or possibly even fix it.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
How much wieght have you lost Cliffy and how did you lose it?
i was over 230kgs im now 145kg

it was a lifestyle change broken up in to two things

What i ate : No diet just good eating watching calaroies, fat contents, carb contents, eating hi GI foods and hi protien foods.
Preparing my own meals and doing my grocery shopping so i plan what i eat and take meals to work (so i do eat pizza and other crap we sell or maccas etc)

Exercise: I started small because at 230kgs i could only walk 10 - 15 mins at a time. But it got bigger im up to 4.5km that takes just over an hour as well as gym and walkin in the pool in the summer. I'm also back tenpin bowling at a very high level (10 - 16 games aday tournaments) which exercise wise is the same as playin cricket pretty much.

But yeah ive got about 6 - 9 months to go to be where i want. But i will be well worth the 2 years i would have invested in it.


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230 Kg's that's bigger than the blokes on the biggest loser.

You should have tried out for the show. Did you watch it?

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