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Hey guys I just had a few questions to gauge interest in a few things I have added and are planning to add to the site.

1st of all
Podcasts - has anyone been using them and/or listening directly from the podcast page (http://www.silvertails.net/extra-time)

I don't know how many of you remember offandracing.com which is now dead because we didnt renew it, but we use to have a cyclic bet going on each week and we simply just added our "Picks of the week" for each of the races etc that were going on and essentially showed our win loss percentage.

I was wondering if I added something like that to the site where maybe a few of our keen punters could collaberate and decide on bets of the round, showing total spent wins losses and ratios etc if anyone would be interested in maintaining it and if others would like to see it?

1) Not this week as i listened to it on Monday and i don't think the page was functional then???

2) Good idea and i'd love to put my hand up. I'd be interested in hearing what other people think are specials. I'm always keen to make a buck.
It worked (the download) for me the first time but the office internet filters have now blocked the new link. Not happy Jan!!
Corso, I am working on a way to filter it out from other URL's also try listening direct from the site without downloading.

The show is a corker and i enjoy listening to it whilst I prepare it for upload.

This week I am going to cut it at a lesser quality which shouldnt matter to most people and should cut the size a lot
Downloaded it and loved it. If there was a way to make it a bit smaller, or come down a lot quicker then that would be great too.
There are smaller versions

If you go to


rather than play it, click on the link next to the one you want to download, then click on "Details page" you should see several different versions there. Some as small as 30MB for the full sized 100MB one
Yup just waiting on the guys to send me last nights. I worked late so couldnt listen last night.

Should be here tomorrow and up by tomorrow as well

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