A Princess’ coronation – Kings signs for three more years:


Journey Man
Manly Warringah have announced that they have signed robust prop forward Jason King to a further three year contract. The news ends speculation that King would look to a switch of clubs after the anti-tampering deadline expires on June 30.

Earlier this year King found himself at the centre of controversy after it was revealed that he may be a target of last year’s beaten Grand Finalists the Sydney Roosters. The revelation prompted an angry denial from Roosters coach Ricky Stuart who accused King of using the Roosters as a lever to increase King’s asking price at the negotiation table.

King made his debut in the NRL at the age of twenty for the now defunct Northern Eagles club in 2001. Now aged twenty three he has played his entire career on the Northern Beaches with the Northern Eagles and Manly. His signing will see him wearing the maroon and white colours for a further four years.

The highlight of his career to date was being named in the extended training squad for the NSW Wizard Blues in 2003. His inclusion recognised his emerging talent and was intended to further his experience of football at the elite level.

King endured a truncated season in 2004 after beginning the season late and then suffering a fracture of the foot. Such injuries, similar to that experienced by James Hird, the current captain of the Essendon Bombers, are painful and have the potential to linger. King fought back from the injury to record 10 games for Manly before having his season terminated by a suspension for striking.

He comes into the new season injury-free and is looking forward to having an impact on the NRL. His contract signing comes as Manly prepare for their final trial against the St George Illawarra Dragons and their first round meeting with the New Zealand Warriors at Ericsson Stadium on 13th March.

His retention has been welcomed by the Manly club as a sign of the faith that its current squad have in the club’s future and it is hoped that he will be followed by some of the other promising juniors in the Sea Eagles’ ranks making a long term commitment to the club.

Speaking to the [i:5e2bd554dc]Daily Telegraph [/i:5e2bd554dc]shortly after his signing, King spoke of the importance of club loyalty and the club’s bright future:

"Like a lot of people, I was a bit disillusioned by the Northern Eagles business and its just great Manly are back and they have rebuilt and we can now push for a finals spot."

"I have a lot of confidence in the club, they have a great administration and a great coach in Des Hasler."

"I don't want to play anywhere else" King said.

"This was in the pipeline for a while and it’s great to have gotten this over and done with."

"I love the area and grew up in the Manly district.

[b:5e2bd554dc]Matabele’s view:[/b:5e2bd554dc]

So, we’re stuck with the princess for a further three years after this one! You’ll excuse me if I declare that this means the princess is due for a graduation to the status of “Queen� because by the end of his new contract he will indeed be the grand old lady of the Sea Eagles.

However, don’t get me wrong. I’m not under whelmed by the news. King has a very important year ahead of him. He has worn the tag of “next big thing� for a number of years. It was expected that he’d realise his potential in 2004 but the year was ruined by injury.

2005 now looms as a critical year for the Queen. Turning twenty four this year he can no longer rest on the laurels of being a junior with talent. This year he will need to put up or shut up. If he is as good as has been trumpeted he really needs to begin to show it.

Whilst not privy to his goals, if he’s going to be taken seriously as a Manly bookend of serious stature I’d imagine he’s set himself the minimum goal of making the City Origin squad in May. If this is a genuine trial for the NSW side then he would also want to be playing well enough to put himself in the frame for a sky blue jumper.

This year he has the added advantage of an up close and personal look at the dedication and ability required to be a player of stature in the form of Brent Kite and Ben Kennedy. I’m sure he’ll also find benefit from not being the ‘main man’ of the pack. This is a mantle that was thrust on him from an early age and has probably added pressure to a fledgling career. Perhaps he will blossom if he’s able to fly under the radar a little more this year.

However, I also look to the early signings last year of Sam Harris, Steve Menzies and Anthony Whatmough and their subsequent loss of form and ask the question – have we jumped the gun? King has a lot to prove this year if he’s to justify the hype that surrounds him. Let’s hope a hint of complacency doesn’t creep in now that his immediate future is secure.

That being said, if he is able to fulfil the expectations of the pundits, then the club has pulled off something of a coup. By signing him early we have taken the conjecture out of his year and given him the opportunity to focus on his football. If he goes on to have a break through year we might well have saved ourselves a few extra zeros on his contract price should a bidding war for his services have broken out in 2005.

As our resident wise guy (King is studying law) let’s hope he’s able to process the magnitude of the faith that has been shown in him by the club and deliver the goods on the field this year.

All together now, to the tune of one of the world’s more banal anthems – “God Save the Queen�

Good luck to our noble Queen.
Good luck to our fierce Queen.
Good luck to the Queen.
Run through victorious
Make us happy and delirious
Long may you reign o’er us.
Good luck to our Queen.


Journey Man
I think its a good move by the club

worst case scenario he becomes a very injury prone player

Based on 2003 form he will at least be a solid performer and a good prop.

I completely agree that this year is his year to shine - a full off season and a big reduction in resposiblity as well as much more support in the pack around him should allow him to be the king.

I felt last year he lacked fitness and that was seen in his infringements around the ruck - most werent on purpose, just lazy.



only 1,396,800 seconds till the season starts


First Grader
Well done manly a good signing. He will improve this year....The bird will fly high this year. I think it's important we keep on to some key locals.

btw top article Matabele. Your originality has shone through again.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Was the Roosters chasing King a smokescreen by King's manager to get more money, knowing that negotiations were taking place???

Just a thought?

Cynical but it does happen!!!

The Wheel

Premium Member
They came out with a pretty strenous denial that they even considered him. But who know what goes on, I reckon it was probably his manager but Sherlock indicated the Rorters had a word in his ear. So who would you believe Ricky Stuart or Sherlock? :roll:


Journey Man
It's not often that a club doesn't retain their captain, especially when he's 25 years of age. (Prive being the obvious recent exception to the rule). I think we can assume that Monas will hang around.

I really hope that Hicks' price doesn't go through the roof though. It'd be good to hang onto him and snaffle a Cooper as well.

The Wheel

Premium Member
I think we could also assume one og Dunely/Randall won't be around.


Journey Man
I wasnt serious - There is no chance that they wont resign him having just made him captain over BK - he will be offered a long contract im sure

The Wheel

Premium Member
I think he would be keen to stay as well, I doubt he would be captain at any other club with the exception of Souths.


First Grader
I wasnt serious - There is no chance that they wont resign him having just made him captain over BK - he will be offered a long contract im sure

Trying to get a response from me champ :lol: :lol: :lol:


Journey Man
nope, just seemed from matas responce after that post that he thought i was seriously thinking they will let monas go. I think he is the most likely to be kept


Journey Man
its ok, im not a TRUE supporter anyway.

I could have some fun and post over there.

How about something along the lines of "Now that we have signed King - what about monas" as the heading

and then first post "we should let him go and chase after Orford".

That should get them going - not that i think we should let him go.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Fluffy - that would be treason and you would be summarily executed, excommunitcated and castrated, all at the same time! Nothing you wouldn't deserve but leave 'our' Monas alone!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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