A poke in the eye for the idiots

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Journey Man
There's been a conga line of idiots lining up over at ME to kick me in the head with various platitudes, chiefly:

1. I'm a whinger for defending a player.
2. It is over, so get over it.

I have not responded as I cannot say as much as "boo" over there without the customary ban.

However, watch the ****wits do their customary backflip now that the club has adopted my stance. Wouldn't it be ironic if parts of my article became a part of their defence.

Manly to appeal Dunley ban
May 25, 2005

MANLY has sought leave to appeal the NRL's four-match suspension imposed on hooker Shayne Dunley for spitting.

The NRL judiciary initially found Dunley guilty of grade five contrary conduct before reducing the charge to grade four, meaning he will miss four games instead of five for spitting in the direction of Parramatta's PJ Marsh on Friday night.

Manly notified the NRL of its intention to seek leave to appeal this afternoon.

Judiciary chairman Greg Woods will receive the club's submissions and any from NRL counsel John Murphy tomorrow afternoon.

Judge Woods, who presided over the original hearing but was not part of the judgement process, will advise all parties if leave is granted, although no time for a decision has been set.

The rules only provide for the judge to grant leave if there is an issue with respect to the issue of guilt or if the sentence or grading is deemed "manifestly excessive".

Should leave be granted, a hearing of the NRL Appeals Committee would then be convened.
I am not interested in the personal barbs etc (some of the comments are such) and in general I agree with Eagle Dan's comments that there is a siege mentality to anything against Manly from certain posters - probably not Matabele though he well knows that!!!

4 Weeks does seem somewhat excessive when a high tackle can attract 2 weeks and a spear tackle (that will paralyse someone) gets about the same length of time. I can't condone spitting but if Dunley is sticking by his story it wasn't deliberate and he has been harshly treated I am happy with the right to appeal.
You don't have a problem Pete but others do.

I for one think it was a bloody stupid act. But I applaud the club for doing there best to clear his name. 4 weeks for an ill directed spit is excesive imo.
Funny how the "true supporters" seem to be queing up to give Dunley a good head kicking. I didn't realise clearing one's throat was such a big deal to the red neck convict fringe.

I saw a new TV angle on the incident on Channel 7 news last night. The golly clearly MISSES PJ Marsh. The one we see over and over again on Ch 9 looks bad but is forshortened by distance.

The Ch 7 one was from behind the play and shows just how far back Marsh was standing from Dunley and also the side that Dunley spits on is also the side where Marsh's leg is at the back of his body and playing the ball.

There is no way the golly went anywhere near him and Dunley is being hung, drawn and quartered because Ch 9 are showing one BAD angle over and over again.

I really hope Manly have, or get, a copy of the incident as shown on Ch 7 news last night. It is compelling.
A lot of posters on ME's are children. If someone has a differring opinion than the conga, then they bleat in with a "so there", or "I agree" kind of taunt, that frankly, proves their inability to instigate a thought provoking argument or debate. I'm personally over it. FREEDOM to say what you want / feel in an open, transperant forum such as this, is the way to go anyway Mata.
If you don't permanently have your maroon & white glasses on, forget ME's.
In this isnatnce though I'm arguing a case FOR the player and STILL copping it!

If that camera angle was shown in the judiciary room I'm astounded as to how they've come up with contrary conduct.

It CLEARLY shows the golly goes nowhere near Marsh and is actually directed away from him! 4 weeks????
Mata, perhaps a revised edition, baging the **** through dunnly for his despicable act would be more apporopriate. Although I can't see that getting good ratings either.
War....War....What is it good for....Absolutley nothin!

Say NO to War! Behave lads! Not all on ME are children!
No need to comment about others on other forums. If we don't like it, don't go and don't post there!!! Star Wars not Forum Wars (though there is a certain resemblance to Mata and Darth Vader - flirting with the 'Dark Side' of Manly lore!!!) :lol:
Even if I wanted to go there and post I couldn't, seeing as my realistic and impeccable views have so offended the convicts.

So your point was?
War....War....What is it good for....Absolutley nothin!

Say NO to War! Behave lads! Not all on ME are children!

Say no to war??

coming from a Liberal!
If what you say is true mata (and i have no doubt it is, i thought the same from the Ch9 angle) then shouldnt anyone who spits be up on the same charge, no matter where it lands as any player during the game can be tackled on the offending gollie
Matabele - maybe you should Email Paul Cummings and tell him to get a copy of the Channel 7 footage.
Given my treatment by the club's admin I'm frankly reluctant to do them any favours.

However, as I'm not totally malicious and love the club and want to see them do well, I've mentioned it to someone who will be taken seriously by admin and asked them to pass it on.

they assured me that they would - though they also thought the club would already have seen the angle.

I hope so.

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