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A hypothetical marquee player purchase! What would you do


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Oct 5, 2005
True Zap.

I am a bit harsh on such a young guy. I rate alberts on what crusher thinks, by the end of the season we will know how good he is. Who knows with terrance here Alberts and Steppa could be the next Cooper/Gasnier Combination in a few years time. But then again they may not be. Good thing is by the june 30 deadline we will have a good idea about how they are going.

Still wouldnt say no to cooper/lyon with Steppa or alberts as their backup.
An applicant for one of your best???

Spuds Bodyguard

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Jul 29, 2005
just as a sideline to that Steppa is about to step out this week for the first time in the top grade in his new position as a backrower He has bulked up a lot and realistically it was always where he was going to end up.

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