A Free iPod?

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OK guys, so flame me if you like. I've decided that there's only one way to find out about these free iPod deals and so have signed up. I only need four more people (out of five :) ) to sign up under me to see if this works as easily as they say. Basically, you following the link, sign up (for free) then complete an offer. Over here, we have offers ranging from 'put $50 into an online poker site' to 'get a free Rogain hair loss treatment posted to you'.

If anyone is interested in giving it a shot, follow the clicky. This is a very, very selfish link, but I'm really interested in how well it works for those of you back home.

So, anyone game? freepay.com has a pretty good reputation in North America, at least. If nothing else, can someone tell me the offers that are being made to Aussies??


Kim Jong Dan
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IM Sure Dan Would Be up for the Rogain :lol: :lol:

I think they have garden gnome hats too, did you grab one to complete the costume?


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Byso: I don't know about back in Australia, but in the States the same group also run programs for XBox 360s, laptops, Mac Minis, PSPs, digital cameras and even PS3s (I guess for when they come out).

I took the iPod option for a few reasons: Amy's has just died, they have a fairly small necessary referral rate and I knew that the iPod program was available in a lot more places than just the US...


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Stevie: you had to get 8 people for the iPod offer?

Man, that does suck! Like I said, I only needed five... so maybe I could suggest finding someone in North America (no, not me!) and get them to do it for you :)

There's been 2 of you guys game enough to have a shot with me... so many thanks for that. Just a couple more and we'll know for sure!

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