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a few thoughts on tonight

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Poola, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Poola

    Poola Active Member

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    This reminds me of last year Rd 26. Lost to Panthers and nearly got the cigar in the gf.
    Tonight the experience players let us down . DCE. Will get it right for finals. Hiku needs to work on his positional play out wide, however can improve on tonight. Jorge a bit of a worry. I'm not convinced he's fully fit. Cheyse? Maybe? Lyon is making a few unwarranted mistakes alarmingly so.This champion will show the way next week.Hasson time to get Andrews on the bench. This lean looking forwards isn't working Geoffrey. You're the only one that thinks so. Our 5th tackle decisions are worryingly poor. A winning attitude, Manly is an infectious injection urgently required.
    In saying all this we were 2 tries short in the end. Snake is worth 3. 2 he scores, 1 he saves.
    All in all we are a spoilt mob who deems a loss to be detrimental to our finals hopes. Not so boys and gals nor so. Only the beginning of an intriguing journey.

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