A fan's worth


A fan's worth

I have supported the sea eagles for the last 16 years. That was the first time i landed on these great shores.I often visited brookie oval and my passion for the sea eagles grew.

I now reside in Adelaide and do miss the oval.It is very difficult being in Adelaide and supporting rugby league let alone the mighty sea eagles. As everyone knows the last 5 weeks were horrific, made worst when you isolated and go through the pain of a loss alone.

That is why sites such as this are great for grieving,or in this case jubilation.I must say the brookie crowd yesterday was awesome. You guys rode the team to victory. My t.v speakers were full blast and the Manly chant echoed through the hills.

So guys all of you,this is a great thank you from the adelaide silvertails. You cheered us to victory and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.


Journey Man
A fan's worth

That is why I would find it very difficult to move to an AFL state. The lack of someone to commisserate with!

Well said patatkop - may the manly chant in those hills inspire a fine vintage of Pinot Noir next April!


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A fan's worth

That Manly chant was great. You could hear someone's voice (Daniel's from what I've read) booming it out several times to get the fans started. Lovely stuff :)


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A fan's worth

Its a fantastic ground for the footy. When the crowd get going its awesome. Good you like the site Patatkop


A fan's worth

Well said Patatkop. It was my first game at Brookie for quite a while, over a year, and the crowd was superb.

The Wheel

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A fan's worth

It is always a great place Brookie when we win in a tight game. Godd post Plata


Journey Man
A fan's worth

The teams that have settled for cavernous stadiums over suburban grounds with character have lost an awful lot.

Not to mention that in many cases their overheads are higher as well.....


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A fan's worth

Whilst talking of cavernous stadiums I noticed the other day that Wests/Tigers will play their home semi (if they finish in the top 4) at Telstra.

It is my understanding that the gate takings for all semi finals go the NRL with the home team having the catering rights. If this is correct why would the West/Tigers give up the advantage of playing at Leichardt and going to a reasonably neutral venue such as Telstra Stadium?


Journey Man
A fan's worth

Dont know, but there is a chance that we will be heading out to telstra then. Could well end up playing them in the first semi

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