A blow to the broncos


UFO Hunter
BRISBANE Broncos captain Darren Lockyer is facing several weeks on the sidelines after injuring his ankle in last night's 23-16 loss to the North Queensland Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium.

Scans have cleared the Queensland and Australia captain of any break, but his sprain is bad enough to suggest he could miss between four and six weeks.

It's a serious blow to Brisbane's chance of a fast start to the premiership defence, and a double blow after second-rower Corey Parker dislocated his wrist 12 minutes into the season opener. He will be missing between 4 - 6 weeks.


Yeah i saw that on foxsports news this morning... they'll have to find a spot for ennis now to kick some goals without parker or locky.

Terrible luck but i guess better to happen now than round 26 when heading into the finals. Good chance for lyon to impress and get the no.6 for australia in the Anzac Day test


Journey Man
at least this year i have an answer to matas repeated question of where King would start - Jane Carlaw, how bad is she going. Apart from scoring the broncos first try all she did was get run over and belted when actually on the field


UFO Hunter
WTF are you talking about.

How can you possibly begin to compare people to a bloke who for the most part of last season may as well have not even shown up to the games.

3 hit ups for what was it? 12 or 15 meters in one game. We've seen the odd good performance from Jason and that does give people some grounds to expect more but until we see it happen every week then your going to keep losing this battle fluf.

I want him to play well to but the fact is he doesn't. I don't bag on him much anymore but when I hear him compared to premiership winning players I do have to have a little chuckle at what you must be thinking.


Winging it
I watched both games last night. The speed, the guts & determination shown by the props is fantastic. So JK, you have a lot to deliver. Prove my niggling doubts completely wrong!


I'll leave my comment here. Great game by JK - Princess no more. Great go forward, caused an opposition spill and scored a try. Sensational.
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