$99.00 Jerseys at Rebel

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I am pretty sure they do, they have a good range of merchandise. I went to the Warringah Mall store last Saturday and they were completely sold out of Manly Jerseys< I am glad now I will save $50.00 of the price a week back.
Do Manly get a cut if you buy them at Rebel?

Only if they own the copyright to the emblem. The designers keep the copyright on the jersey & the NRL has the licensing rights.
Are there any IP lawyers out there ?
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I thought the NRL got a commission for every product sold and then divided the spoils between all the clubs evenly. If you want the money to go to Manly you have to buy from Manly.

Brisbane have argued the merchandising cut for years as they claim to sell more and yet they only get 1/15th of the spoils whilst clubs that sell little get the same cut!
I thought the NRL got a commission for every product sold and then divided the spoils between all the clubs evenly.
That's the licensing agreement for products with the NRL label on them. The rest of the IP cuts would go to the copyright owners which the club may or may not be.
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Well i just checked the ME online-shop at they want $175.00 for jersey. The price is over the top. I will be going to Rebel.
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Call the shop first and make sure they have your size!

Usually these things run out quick!
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Have a look on Ebay as well. A mate of mine brought a Manly jersy for $80 a few weeks ago.
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I have 4 Manly jerseys, including 2 of the 2004 strip, for 50 bucks each. Classic Sales are amazing. I also have hundreds of other pieces of clothing, all cheap as chips. If I hear of another sale, I'll give you guys the details.
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My jersey is faulty, I wore it with pride on Saturday night but by about the 50min mark, I was thinking that it was some sort of bad omen. I am too scared to wear it this week against the drug cheats. Could this be the curse of the Rebel tight arse jersey?
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Let Dessie know it was your fault and had nothing to do with the players on thye paddock.

By the way - did Manly wear the maroon jersey or the white jersey last Saturday night!
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The Maroon one, so we can't blame that. Rebel refused to refund me my money, but they are organising a witch doctor to remove the curse at no charge.

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