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97 Grand Final - Fantastic Ball Movement

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Killer03, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Killer03

    Killer03 Well-Known Member

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    97 Grand Final being replayed now. The thing that is standing out to me is the brilliant ball movement from the halves in particular. The Johns brothers are both throwing 20-30m balls on the chest of centres and wingers, and Cliffy and the boys are doing the same. Given the predictable nature of the attack in the 2014 NRL season, this is brilliant to watch.

    And then of course Chief v Spud.....I get sore just watching it. Every hit up both are just hurtling themselves at each other!!

    Greenknob and Smith get a hold of this GF and watch the gladiatorial nature of this contest......this is rugby league! (pity about the result though)
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    • Fluffy

      Fluffy Well-Known Member

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      bit of drugs always helps
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      • StuBoot

        StuBoot Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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        Yep, I watched it again and even though I knew we lost, I still can't believe we lost!
      • Technical Coach

        Technical Coach Well-Known Member

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        Looks good but technically it is poor.(in general)

        In the past backlines were set deeper defensive line speed was not as good, using such long passes and deep backlines in the present day will result in hardly any tries scored.

        The longer and deeper the pass the more easy it is to read and does not force a decision to be made by the defence---just allow the play to unfold then tackle the final ball carrier.
      • Masked Eagle

        Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

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        Sorry can't watch it. I'm convinced the knock on called against Cliffy that wasn't, was the turning point.
      • Snake

        Snake Doing The Eagle Rock!

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        The ball that Toovey threw for the Hopoate try is a gem of a pass in any day and age!
      • mmmdl

        mmmdl Active Member

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        Stomping on players heads is what did me in in this game. In those day, McDrugall should have been sent, it's as simple as that.

        Roids will do that to you though.
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        • MadMarcus

          MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          They played 95 and 97... Did they play 96 too, or is the idea to get Souffs fans off by only playing GFs Manly lost?
        • TerryRandall

          TerryRandall Well-Known Member

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          That may be true, but I too watched this game again and was struck by just how different (and so much better) the game was back then. The ball movement and running was a joy to watch. Almost a completely different game to the boring, but "technically" better wrestle-strangled slugfest we have today. Really highlighted for me just how much the game has lost its way. It's actually very depressing.
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          • Shoe1

            Shoe1 Well-Known Member

            +7,201 /105
            I said recently that manly won the most games of any club from the 70s to the 90s. But you wouldn't realize this if you watched fox.
          • Brissie Kid

            Brissie Kid Well-Known Member

            +1,176 /19
            That's cruel treatment. The 2013 Manly vs Rorters semi final was obviously too much to take for some. Watching the 97 GF will put them into nurse care.
          • maxta

            maxta Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +4,490 /100
            So many points of that game even knowing the result , it looks like Manly has the game covered & just waiting for that killer blow....even my young fella did not believe Manly were gunna lose as they continually made half breaks & missed easy snaps at field goal to give a 7 point buffer.
            Still have Knightmares of that Albert try, so usually change the channel at 79.30 into the game.
          • Technical Coach

            Technical Coach Well-Known Member

            +1,135 /80
            Better structures tend to lead to a boring game to watch but are more clinical and effective in every department.

            It's like driving an old car with handling flaws that are labelled as "character of the car" and new cars that are easy to drive but boring to a race car driver.

            I also enjoy watching the old games and there are many aspects and skillsets that modern players could add to their game from that time but are just way too overly structured in their mindsets like robots---- but sometimes great structures kill or suffocate players to the point of making them into robots just to survive.
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            • Mark from Brisbane

              Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

              +19,621 /383
              So a question to @TechnicalCoach

              Has the game evolved as far as it can go based on current rules and current regulations for things like performance enhancers??

              It's just the game is SO different from that even a decade ago, and I wonder where they can go or what we might see in another decade?
            • globaleagle

              globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +13,309 /117
              everyone who doesn't tag correctly owes me $10
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              • mozgrame

                mozgrame Well-Known Member

                +5,118 /51
                My balls never move watching that game. If anything, they seem to hang a little lower after every viewing, as if they're depressed.

                On the other hand, during the '08 Grand Final............
              • Aussie Battler

                Aussie Battler Well-Known Member

                +347 /1
                Everyone mentions the brillaince of Johns in the last minute. Funny how everyone forgets Robbie OD was the Clive Churchill medalist. Why is that ? For some reason he was never quite the same player after that season. Was next to him at the trough / urinal at Rosehill racecourse a year later. Really felt like pushing him up against the stainless steel while he was mid-stream.
              • doc

                doc Active Member

                +126 /7
                Yes no wrestling in sight!! Why can't the refs get it back to those days???
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                • Technical Coach

                  Technical Coach Well-Known Member

                  +1,135 /80
                  Not sure what you mean by your first question in relation to performance enhancers.

                  Go back 10 years from any point and the game will look SO different---compare a game from 2010 to 2000 or 2000 to 1990 or 1990 to 1980.

                  I still see many areas of improvement in relation to attack, with more options crisper passing going both ways and more centralised straight variety through the middle.

                  Way too many teams are overly reliant on setting up the big play going right to left(strong passing direction), Souths don't have many varied options going left to right and the distribution tends to be slow, Dragons were the same---most clubs are to be honest.

                  Not sure why clubs have not been using the second man as a decoy more often this past 3-4yrs, it is starting to come into play a lot more now. I've mentioned numerous times in the past this should be happening to take advantage of up and in defences trying to kill the second man play but attacks have been lazy just going through the training drills that worked in 2007-2009.

                  You can hit a deeper option, a face ball option, a shorter runner coming from behind the ball player and hitting a shorter line between the second man decoy and ball distributor(Reynolds pass in last Semi) or a pass over the top (DCE earlier in the season) I think against Canberra.

                  Storm and Manly improved both attack and defensive structures from 07-12.
                  Storm improved defensive structures and improved the art of slowing down the play the ball mixed in with attacking plays that were well structured well rehearsed simple straight and effective combined with second man plays and a better attacking kicking game.

                  Manly improved on Storms structures, improved their wrestle from the previous season (07) but combined that with dominant aggressive tackles a bigger pack and with our own edge and second man plays.
                  Manly also increased the ball movement and offloads--- increased the ball playing of forwards through the middle with second man plays and more lateral second man plays used for softer yardage gains on the edges in our own half.

                  Roosters and Souths have improved upon these structures added their own twists combined with more square/straight power plays that Manly and Melb have lacked and bigger mobile forward packs.

                  The game will continue to change and what is a teams strong point can quickly become their weak point.

                  There is plenty of room for improvement in attack through all areas from the middle to the edges and playing more off the inside hip at times---always having options off both hips not just having runners on the outside.

                  Same thing happened in Soccer with Spain taking the game to a new level with Tiki Taka(which is possession based but I'm talking in relation to using shorter passing with more options)---- I see the same in Rugby League.

                  The quick crisp change of angle cross over play against the Roosters that lead to Stewarts try or inside outside short plays the Storm perfected I see more progression in this area in attack, using under plays and hitting more central straight runners also.(Souths are vulnerable to such play through the middle off an under play)

                  I don't mind the wrestle as long as the player wrestling is doing so while trying to move around and get into marker. There is a good example of this recently with Matai wrestling while moving around the player trying to get into marker totally happy with that to continue in the game.

                  I would rather more policing of the 10m, stepping off the mark, not playing the play the ball correctly and reducing the interchange before looking at the wrestle.

                  I do recall at the start of the year mentioning that a new way to slow the play the ball after trying to kill off the cannonball tackle was to hold the players up and walk them around. Refs will call held but feel that since the player is being walked back at the same time a little lag effect of the message getting across should be allowed, this is being abused big time.

                  Refs have no idea if the tackled player is holding the arm of the tackler to milk a penalty or the tackler is pretending to have his armed locked to allow him more time to remove himself from the tackled player and slow the play the ball. Problem is if you are caught milking as the attacking team no penalty arises against you so why wouldn't you try and do it all the time.
                • Brissie Kid

                  Brissie Kid Well-Known Member

                  +1,176 /19
                  When did the 10m rule come in?

                  This 1997 game looks to be before the coaches worked out that just running from dummy half was the easiest way to move up the field every tackle.

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