7 man bench for sundays clash -> team announced

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The idea of dropping someone relates to someone better being there to replace you.

Old Mother Dessies cupboard is bare!!!

In the centres it seems that Stevo is the best we have. I have consistently said that our depth would be shown up there - Hicks into the centre maybe - but then who plays winger?

I didn't rate Torrens but I thought Qualilawa was worth persevering with. Hoppa's moment didn't help either - hopefully some of the young blokes are worth persevering with and will improve.
Taylor Peachey and even Creary would do a better job in the centres at the moment CW. I think Matai does a better job too.

Why dont we give these guys a go? Personally i think Creary would make a great centre. with his defence and hard running style but i guess his age doesnt fair well for him.

Taylor and Peachey are both young guns and have excelled in PL for ages now. They have both played wing and centre yet both untested in 1st grade. Weve seen what Stevo can do and as hes a decent player.. i dont think theres much improvement in him. Lets see what else we got.
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ive seen both taylor and peachy come undone against premier league centres - i think that the coaching staff may have that in the back of their minds.

i dont think matai has done any better than steppa - against thorn on friday he would have been a speed hump. - He plays a different style of defence - more of a drift backward and make the tackle eventually - after giving away 20+ metres. He does miss more tackles on average than steppa.

6 of 1, half a dozen of the other - Des keeps steppa there as he is a left centre, matai a right centre i think.
doesnt really matter.. Watmough looked pretty crap in PL a few weeks back. Now look at him.

Its a different ball game in 1sts. I think Taylor can step up easily. In the NRL trials last season he scored a couple of tries for us. Then he got injured.
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Kaza makes a good point. A player looks better with more competent players around him.

Stevo must be working hard at his game at training etc.

Many forget that Beaver was said to be suspect in defence in his early days and look at thim now.
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True but basic errors in PL can become horrendous in firsts.

Im not sure they would be any better.

It has to be a 5 week gamble if you are to give them a decent chance - big gamble

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