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If I said this at MSE there would be a gigantic hysterical response, but if anyone feels like being hysterical here, please feel free to go right ahead. It can be fun to watch hysterics.

There is an article put up today that has 6 of the squad under contract scrutiny this year. Choc, Hicks, Willow, Dunley, Burns, and Stewy2.

I can see Choc, Burns & Hicks turning it on all year, but Ive gotta say (nothing personal) whatever Williamson or Dunley do, they will still be out of here at contract end & that that is the sensible outcome. Both players lack what we need to take us to a premiership & the future must be with players who are younger and keener to perform.
Spot on Jatz, If Willow and Dunley don't play a fair bit of PL this year I will be surprised and dissapointed as Imo they were signed for depth and to mentor some of the young blokes.
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they have reached the end of thier use at the club, they served a purpose in the rebuild, did their job but we be in the way of the future. We have enough experience in Ox, Kite, Bell who have all come to the club after dunners and willo to cover that loss.
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You guys are obviously not real supporters Dunners & Willo are the soul of this club, as a result they should be allowed to play for as long as they want to, even if they haven't made tackle all season. Also I am sure Willo hasn;t given Des back the video of Des & the donkey, so he will be around for a while yet.
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Putting together a premiership team is no laughing or sentimental matter. Loyualty and some of the old values are important and Des has certainly shown himself to be loyal to the squad.

However hard and fast decisions need to be made. If there are better players in the squad than Dunley and Willo they must be given a go. If there are not - it is time to find some.

I have enjoyed their passion for Manly but we want a winning team. Nuff said on the matter.

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