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6 Again Rule & Increased Fatigue

Bring back the.... Biff?

Dr Kosmo Kramer... proctology
Apr 25, 2019
Hated it from the get go.. need to go back to normal and keep 1 ref for next season. The refs can more easily cheat with this set restart BS
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Jun 26, 2010
Why are we seeing sooooo many games this year where one side absolutely dominates the opening 10 minutes, and essentially kills the game.

Never used to happen with such regularity.

And the NRL denies "game management "...


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Jul 29, 2010
The 6 again set restarts has not introduced genuine fatigue into the game. All it's done has enabled haphazard game deciding rubbish calls by referees to influence the flow of momentum and fatigue. It's the greatest load of sh*t seen in years. The principle of the rule was good but of course the execution of it has been abysmal. Now we see most games start with 1 side getting pummeled by set restarts because the assclown with a whistle decides it. I hate watching it, it's artificial rubbish rules being applied at a refs descretion
But Mick. How is that different to getting cained in the penalties. That’s game management too Difference is with a penalty you lose another thirty metres and players stand around for thirty seconds catching their breath ... and get an easy two points on many occasions where they catch their breath for two minutes.

And there is way less wrestle. I’ve no doubt about that .
Problem is biased incompetent refs , not the rule.
Much better product now. Speed and quick movement of footy is getting rewarded.
I hate to say it but watching that Storm backline is amazing.

If we did t have a team of tortoises we’d be fine with it.

Seems to be a dislike for it here but almost every bloke I hang with who support a variety of teams like it. That’s the general vibe out there up here.
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manly al

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May 17, 2017
Pros and cons so far , concept still seems O K and would be more inclined to think that it is an improvement on the previous and regular bore fest that many teams were dishing up [ and unfortunately which we still often do ] Having some of our key attackers out does not certainly help but lack of attention and urgency around the marker ruck defence continues to be our main problem with the new rule . Not as if our guys are not capable of adapting better . Manly may have seemed to be hard done by on some occasions but then things have generally leveled out subsequently .Poor starts in general have been a regular major problem regardless of the new rule , again combined with the occasional lack of attention to marker defence and conceding 6 again .but have not seemed to have been disadvantaged more then any other side . Broadcasters apparently virtually insisted on a more up tempo game and the introduction of this particular rule , not necessarily condoning that , but think that something had to be done to break the cycle of the bore a thon nature of recent seasons . Even allowing for some ref "s capacity for inconsistency , will be here to stay for some time if not indefinitely and for Manly , either adapt sufficiently or be of the pace literally so to speak


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Jun 19, 2015
I like it because it has eliminated the ground wrestle but teams get around it by holding up the tackles player. The only reason we get hammered is because our forwards are too slow to get off

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