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I didn't get to see the game last night as I was traveling and the majority of the ABC were covering the Super 14 borfest. I managed to get crackly snatches out of Canberra 666 some 800km away.

Firstly. I'm going enjoy collecting my $20 from Rhino. :dance: :dance:

It seems like Monas has again won a game for us. Congratulations to him. As I said to Byso in an SMS, a few more weeks of that and even I might become a believer!

Sounds like it was a gritty and determined performance where all 17 stood up and were counted.

Another week to savour. :lol2:
It's only taken five in a row for you to raise your glass Mata.

I'm glad you're not my boss. I'd be sacked in a week.
Journey Man
I wonder what the club record is for winning the most games in a row from debut

Ballin's now at 4

Couldnt be many that played 4 games straight and were victorious in all
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Monas chip and pass play itself, as a highlight doesn't do it justice.

But attaching the feeling of the game, the moment of make or break and the sheer brilliance of it just.. well... I nearly jumped so high I almost hit my head on the ceiling.

I am seriously starting to think with a little work he could play as our five eighth but I don't wana lose burns.
its still on the foxsports website as a video i think.

Mata and those who didnt watch it..., watch the replay.. not just for Monas.. but the whole team showed heart... spirit... fight.. and were just amazing.. it wasnt the prettiest game of football.. but it was gutsy.. and ive never been so proud as a Manly fan..

To the lads... i hate the bulldogs with a passion.. i live in the area.. so im surrounded by fans and friends who support the dogs..

Thank you! Bloody champions.. (was watching it at a bar with doggies fans) and i was the only one parading in there. Was brilliant.

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It's a game worth viewing Mata. You should get a copy from Flip.

Where you on road trips during the other games this year? ;)
Journey Man
Byso, given that you have been exceedingly critical of Hasler in the past, are we going to see you swallow your pride and concede that he has fostered a good spirit in this side?
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I've been critical of Des and Mona's over time. I take that all back until the next crap game. The team was brilliant and I told dogs fans on the train as such, many times.


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Anyone know where the game is online or have a recordig I could borrow?


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[quote author=Matabele]
I managed to get crackly snatches

Im very sorry to hear that.


I broke up with a girl because of that
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Does anyone have a copy of the game they could pass on? I was in Ulladulla at a 50th, on such heavy antibiotics that I could not drink a drop!!!

Fortunately one of my kids went to the game and was able to SMS live updates from time to time to cheer the soul.

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