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And you all thought this was a thread about Fluffy's member when fully erect. :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh:

It's actually about the amount of rain forecast for Sydney this week. Word is four inches (100mm) to fall with the rain clearing late Friday. Whichever way you look at it, we'll be playing on a bog track on Friday night.

This could play into our hands........

The Tigers like rapid ball movement (much like Fluffy, but with more panache) and the likes of Prince and Marshall will have their ability to step on a dime curtailed.

We also have the bigger forward pack, even missing our back row and the "skills factor" will be taken out of the game. It might be a slog fest but our sloggers have a better chance of matching the Tigers. Dummy half runners like Hill etc could also come into their own. We're more useful at the Dummy half dart than the Toigs.

Why, the wet conditions will even pull up Monas' attacking kicks so they have less chance of careening over the dead ball line at full speed as they normally do!

However, if it's wet we can't expect princess to play. He might catch a cold.

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I am not sure the wet will help us more, without Beaver, Choc and BK. Marshall is light on his feet and will dance around being harder to put down than ever, same with Hodgson. Our only person like that is Dunley and he is said to be in doubt.

On Sunday I saw the ball skidding in the rain and sometimes going further rather than less. Whatever you think about Monas his kicking game was good against the Dogs with the exception of the Chip kick when he tried to do a Braith!
if im not mistaken it was wet when the tigers put 32 on st george in 40 minutes.with the side we are going to field our only chance is sydney harbour breaking it's banks and washing liechardt onto victoria road.


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On a serious note. Are you guys conversant with the difference between a bog and a skiddy, slippery, but hard surface?

If sydney gets 100mm in the next 72 hours the game will be a slogfest, worse than what we saw on Friday night - especially as Leichardt is not noted for its drainage capacity.

This will SLOW down the likes of Marshall and give our PL forwards more adjustment time.

This is in contrast to Sunday's conditions in both the Tigers and Manly games where conditions were slippery but relatively firm underfoot. This creates an advantage for the small, nippy men.

If it's a bog on Friday night (quite likely if Sydney gets the precipitation expected) then it will be a leveller and be to our advantage.

If you boys only get a sprinkle and it's firm and slippery, get money on the tigers to win by 60.

If you're really keen, let me know and I'll give you a link to a marine radar site that predicts rainfall. Most of the farmers out here stake their livelyhood on it, not that you city slickers would understand that.

Let's just say there's a bloody lot of rain headed your way...........


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[quote author=Fluffy]
Glad to see my genetals are in your thoughts mata

as long as there just in his thoughts Fluffy! :naughty:

After comments like that im glad he is 300km away


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is it pelting down in Sydney?

If you invest in Big League this week you will see the match of the round verifies what I have asserted.

If it is a bog, it is to our DISTINCT advantage.

Tigers go around sides, we go through them.


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250 ml in 24 hrs on the gold coast.....................sorry gotta go and fit the plasma and beer fridge to the ark......


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homebush has had 60mm in the last few days, 16mm since 9am today.

Observatory hill has had 16mm in the last few days, 3mm since 9am today.

They are the 2 closest weather stations on bom.gov.au.

I have they got closer to the homebush amount.

Riverview has had 40+mm as well, so it should bet fairly wet.


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Forecast is for a lot of rain today but a fine day tomorrow.

4 inches for Sydney !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray: !pray:


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We have scored 23 tries up the middle and are the side that run most from dummy half.

Tigers have scored 9 tries up the middle and are the highest scoring side on the flanks.

You can see why a bog will be to our advantage. If it is really wet it might even be worth giving Steppa a run in the second row ahead of those pugs Tutt Tutt and Dead Wood.

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