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4 and 4, and goals for the season

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Crusher_Cleal, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Crusher_Cleal

    Crusher_Cleal Well-Known Member

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    Ok, so if we beat Newcastle (god help us if we don't), we will be 4 and 4, and who wouldn't have taken that after the first 2 rounds of the season? We then should aim for the following:
    1. A finals spot. 8th is fine, and quite frankly I wouldn't expect any higher. Just playing finals football is enough for me. And if we're 50% success rate after 8 rounds of the season, then I wouldn't expect anything less.
    2. Signs of development/improvement of the youngsters. Developing the Turbo brothers and Parcell are the key goals for mine. They are the future of the club. A losing culture can really stagnate development, so it's important a winning and successful environment is created to help them.
    3. Work out which non-1st squad players are good enough to make the jump next season. ie Liam Knight.
    4. Work out which veterans we want to keep around for the next 1-2 seasons. Who out of Symonds, Mateo, etc, do we want? And what do we do with Lyon/Matai?
    5. Develop our leaders for next 1-2 seasons. This is Walker, Taupau, DCE - these guys need to be the voice of the club.
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    • jbb/james

      jbb/james Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      Fair call. I think if we sneak into the 8 and have the right team fit we would hurt someones chances.

      There are some front rowers to move on as well

      Brett stewart is the big call as i see it. Both the centres can still go around again.

      But possibly mateo, buhrer, symonds, burgess, starling and lawrence. I would think they will only keep 2 of those , gotta think that gives a million plus to spend with stewart.

      Santini and williame as well

      I think kapow is destined for the front row so that call comes into the equation.

      Turbo to the back, a couple of outside backs one good, a couple of younger ones. Plus a big bopper and a second rower with knight moving into the pecking order.

      Id look to raiding the raiders, get a fijian maybe

      He is old but nightingale is the safe winger we could do with if his price is right. Havnt seen him play in a couple of years though. Reminds me of robbo
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      • Crusher_Cleal

        Crusher_Cleal Well-Known Member

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        Danny Moore, Robbo - we've always liked our safe wingers. A couple of bullocking Fijian flyers wouldn't hurt either. And agree on Starling/Lawrence.

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