3rd Test from the WACA


You think Monty will do much damage?
Easy Nutz, just cause hes a muslim doesnt make him a terrorist. ;)

He looks alot more enthusiastic than Giles ever did. I hope he takes a packet full and makes the series a little more exciting.
Although , I havnt seen a more exciting test than the last one.


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try the second test last year Earl, that was far more exciting because the result was in the balance all the way till the Poms took Kaspers wicket.

I'm not taking anything away from last week, it was a great performance from the Aussies, but once England started to fold it was a foregone conclusion.

as far as a contest is concerned, last year was much better. Even though we did lose :(


as far as a contest is concerned, last year was much better. Even though we did lose :(

Agreed. And the third test - staying up until all hours watching Ponting's match-saving innings, only to throw it away and have to rely on McGrath to save the game!

Even the fourth Test was about the equivalent (in terms of excitiment) of the Adelaide Test - England chasing a small score, but they lost a bunch of wickets quickly and again looked like they were going to blow it.


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i luagh every time i hear that the poms flogged us in the last ashes series. If kaspa hadnt played that stupid shot and got out we would have won the series 2 - 1.

2 runs over a series is not a flogging - its about as close as you can get


I haven't heard anyone say they flogged us. We tore them apart at Lords, they won by 2 runs at Edge (thanks to a stray cricket ball felling the great fast bowler), outplayed us in the third Test but didn't have the killer edge, then 3 wickets in the other Test they won.

The reason it was a great series was because the result was so close! Lords aside, every game was a huge contest and even though the Poms played quite a lot better, they still only scraped home in their two wins.

Anyway - onto the game today. I'm looking at McGrath to take a heap of wickets in the first innings. All the talk has been about how it's a flat track, and only Warne will have an impact - everyone is ignoring McGrath. He'll get 7 for the match. Go Pidge!


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well ponting has won the toss and elected to run with the wind, England will get the kick off.

Haydos out for a quick 25, punta just 2

2/66 nearing tea

good thing martyns gone because it would be 3 down by now


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Not a good day for us with the bat. Panesar was too good. However, it was extremely satisfying seeing Symonds slog him for 17 in the one over.

Also, how good was Clark bowling at the end there? He more than deserved the wicket of Collingwood, which he would have had if Warney didn't have the dropsies =/


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It was a good diplay from panesar - why did they have giles in??

harmeson found his rhythm again too.

I wouldnt write us aussies off yet - the way clark was bowling was far better than harmison and im sure lee will throw in a few hard to play balls as well, his wicket was the perfect ball.

game is very evenly poised in my opinion


Clark has been outstanding.
I can see why he doesnt want to be compared to Mcgrath. He is about 10km faster , taller and has a better short ball . The only real comparison is both can land the ball on a dime if they wanted too. Great control. He deserved a few wickets last night. Bloody Warney. If the ball had hair on it he would have caught it. :lol:


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Gilchrist and Clarke :clap: :clap: :clap:

Seeing Panesar cop 24 off the one over (most ever in an Ashes test and msot ever by an Aussie, I think) was the best thing I've seen this week.


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how was hoggards ball not a wide?

it was on the return crease - gill could have got the record if the umpier had just a hint of balls

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