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3rd party deals

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. jbb/james

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    while absolutely necessary for rugby league,they are a constant form of frustration for fans, and embarrassment to the league under constant innuendo, and obviously very hard to police

    Been thinking a bit and wonder if a few tinkers to the system may allow them to be more transparent to all

    1 A third party deal can follow a player from club to club and in reality if they are legal most should as they want that player to represent that brand

    2 a player to a new club can not sign a 3rd party deal in the first 12 months of his contract unless it is already in place at the former club and follows with them

    This stops clubs using them to attract players, but that money or sponsor could be used with the current squad anyway so its not disadvantaging any club or player really, and its within the rules. A third party deal is not legal if it implies its reliant on playing at a certain club,Sorry its legal but it is included in the cap if it is, not exempt

    Just wondering how effective this is atm. Id love to see stats on all 3rd party deals to see how many remain when a player switches clubs. id be surprised if any do. If that's the case you have to wonder how legal any are

    They have to remain as you cant stop a player earning a buck but it needs a healthy tinkering

    In saying that lots of other jobs don't allow you to have part time employment, especially govt jobs. At the very least they have to be sanctioned by the employer

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