2nd man plays

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Journey Man
Honestly, when was the last time you saw Manly run a second man play behind a decoy runner?

Those that defend Monaghan need to realise that as playmaker it is his job to call the plays and have various players running at angles to create doubt in the opposition mind. It doesn't happen and our attack is pedestrian as a result.

Even the much-maligned Finch is capable of pulling it off. But not our boy.....


Journey Man
Interesting to hear Phil Gould commenting that both the Broncos and Rorters have a "defensive" culture.

What's ours? Complete and utter mediocrity?

FFS let's hope the team runs out with a modicum of intensity tomorrow night.


Premium Member
Surprisingly it takes at least 2 men to run a second man play. On way too many occasions thi sseason I have seen MM stranded waiting for any runner, let alone a second man run.

Of course the play may not have been called, but even in our glory run of the 1st 12 weeks he was still at times waiting for runners. So the real question is, are the plays not called (MM fault) are the plays not rehearsed (DH problem) or is it the runners not responding (name any one you like here as being the culprit) .

Without knowing where the fault lies it is hard to lay the blame at anyone. Unless you of course know where the blame lies rather than just your perception of where it lies.


Honestly how can you expect Manly to run second man plays when Harris spends all game looking for what fell out of his handbag, King who is out of puff just running onto the field (big effort princess) and Menzies who is filling in as 5/8 because we don't have one.

And then we have monaghan who couldnt call one even if we had the runners.

Second man plays will ahve to wait until next year when we get a real half back and Harris, Witt and hopefully King are gone elsewhere and we can pick up a good 5/8.


Journey Man
We ran second man plays last year with the same halfback.

So it is either the coach who has decided not to run them - backed up by the flat attack or the players - after last week it wouldnt suprise me doesnt seem like anyone want to run - let alone spend all that energy running a decoy without getting any kudos for it.

Even stewart doesnt run backup/second man anywhere near as often as your bowens/slaters etc
Agreed Mata. Not having 2nd man plays and not having decoy runners is our single biggest problem in attack. Who is our backline coach? Do they work on any set moves? It's becoming rediculous. Guys like Harris, Choc, BK, Menzies should all be involved in these moves - at the moment it's too easy for the defence to target BK in attack because they know that he's the only one who's gonna get the ball - WHERE ARE THE OPTIONS AND DECOYS!!!!!!!! Sorry but I feel really strongly about this.


hes the playmaker who executes the attack not designs them.

Des is the coach and he should have his side drilled. They havent been.

Although they made 1 nice move against Brisbane.. was a great set play.

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