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2GB and MMM going to war over statues of Mark Geyer and Ray Warren

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Jun 11, 2011.

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    WHEN the famous sculptor Michelangelo unveiled his statue of David in Florence in 1504, it was greeted with a hail of stones because of its outrageous nudity.

    Now, a similar controversy has erupted over two similar giants of the world. In the rugby league world, anyway.

    The 2GB broadcaster Ray Hadley has savaged rival radio network Triple M for yesterday unveiling a bronze statue of former league hardman Mark Geyer, who features on the FM station's breakfast show The Grill Team.

    Hadley and The Continous Call Team have been feverishly working away to have a statue of doyen Channel 9 caller Ray "Rabs" Warren erected in his hometown of Junee.

    The team will do a live broadcast in Junee on August 6 when the statue of Warren is finally revealed to the masses.

    "I am very disappointed that their breakfast team simply pinched our idea," Hadley said. "I notice we are doing a full statue of the Triple M and Channel 9 legend by one of the great sculptors of the world, Chinese artist Ping Yu.

    "It's particularly rich considering their program is broadcasting from 9am to midday [in Junee on August 6] using our equipment. All I can say is, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    "I think MG's head has nowhere near the impact of a full statue of the great Rabs.

    "Obviously their marketing budget doesn't stretch to a top-class sculptor like ours."

    The Geyer statue, which was unveiled yesterday by Premier Barry O'Farrell, features the Penrith legend sitting down in honour of the 34 weeks he spent sitting in the stands because of suspension.

    It will be on display out the front of ANZ Stadium on Wednesday night for Origin II.

    "We didn't want to steal the idea," Geyer insisted last night. "My statue was made by a sculptor of less calibre than the one of Rabs. If someone rubs the head of mine too hard on Origin night, there's some chance it will cave in."

    Geyer added: "This was Matty Johns' idea anyway. Blame him."

    Geyer looks like he trying to take a dump
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    • Jatz Crackers

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      Where is the Geyer statue ? The one on the right has a contemplative look. Contemplation requires thinking. Cant be Geyer then.
    • Rusty

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      As to the Rabs statue, great idea - might encourage the man to retire. He is quickly reaching the point where he should be in bed before the 7:30 game kicks off anyhow.

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