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Rough start, terrible middle, not too bad back end. Going to come down again notching up wins early in the season or we'll be chasing our tails. Last thing i wanna hear 3 years in a row in press conferences is "mathematic chance". But if we actually improve and be consistent those worries won't bother throughout the season but that's being pretty optimistic


Yeah, Nah.
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Teams they play twice​

The Titans are the only Queensland side they face twice, but the Sea Eagles will play home and away legs against fellow out of state opponents the Warriors and Raiders. The Rabbitohs, Roosters, Eels, Dragons and Panthers are the other sides the Sea Eagles face twice.

Teams they play once​

They have one-off meetings with the Dolphins, Bulldogs and Wests Tigers, who all finished below them last year, as well as the Cowboys who were one spot ahead of them on the ladder. Manly also see 2023 finals sides the Broncos, Storm, Knights and Sharks only once.

Day-by-day breakdown​

  • Thursday: 2 games (0 home, 2 away)
  • Friday: 6 games (5 home, 1 away)
  • Saturday: 8 games (1 home, 7 away)
  • Sunday: 8 games (6 home, 2 away)

Turnaround time​

  • 5 days: 0 games
  • 6 days: 7 games
  • 7+ days: 16 games
The Sea Eagles are one of two teams (along with the Bulldogs) to not have a five-day turnaround in 2023, but they do have seven six-day turnarounds – including three in their final six games of the regular season. Manly's longest break comes between two big games against the Storm in Round 12 and the Panthers in Round 14, the latter of which will see any Origin stars back up after Game One.



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Less Club Chat
More Winning Action !

Will on the hill

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The teams we play twice could've been kinder, all top 10 teams from last year except the Drags.

Love that we have no Thursday home games and 5 day turnarounds.

The byes/draw fall nicely for us around origin.
Bye ,Origin 1, Penrith.
Bunnies, Origin 2, Bye.
Knights, Origin 3, Titans.
Then a nice freshen up bye in round 22 before the run to the finals.
Way better than last year.


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I still can't get my head around how a team on F/A -137 can make the 8 ahead of 4 teams who had positive F/A. NRL draws are a sh*tshow lottery.

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I still can't get my head around how a team on F/A -137 can make the 8 ahead of 4 teams who had positive F/A. NRL draws are a sh*tshow lottery.
Yeah the Faders season was crazy. Don't think they got a 13+ win all season.

If only the top 8 was decided on for and against. We would've been 1 try vs Parra outside of a finals berth.

The '47ers

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Such a joke these draws. Anything less than a fair home/away series is laughable.
Need to cull some teams for that, so will never happen.


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We play who we play, if we're good enough it doesn't matter. Short of hand picking the draw we really can't have any complaints.

Plus the strength/weakness of a draw is a fluid thing.

Start of last year playing the Warriors twice would have been a dream.

Knights early in the season, great, late in the season, bad, same with the Roosters.

Whilst if you had drawn Souths early that would have been terrible but late in the season it was a very favourable matchup.

Its a constantly evolving situation.
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