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2020 season


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Aug 28, 2011
You learn so much about footy deals when they are dealing with adversity.

For the first 6 rounds it was pretty good, heaps of effort, lots of stubborness and an attack that was developing.

I think from round 7 the team lost its toughness and resilience and for a while there wallowed over the loss of Tom and Dylan. That first month or so without them told. The debacle at Brooky against Drugcastle with AFB lost the plot and it really set us back losing him and the next week the friendless Dragqueens humiliated us.

We bounced back and defeated the whingers and it was a moral after the injustice of round 4 and after that only 2 wins from 8 games told the tale of a team down on its form, sticking with failing players and a crippling injury list that just got worse as things wore on.

The season for me was always going to be about a decision that needed to be made once it was obvious we were not making finals and to blood some of our young talent to see what they could do. I think the coaching staff have at least done that and we now have some of these boys getting games under their belts

For 2021 we CANNOT afford to go into next season without a solid hooker as our halves have been smashed far too much this year due to the lack of creativity in that area and our bench. We need to continue to invest in youth and also make sure that we do all we can to reduce the injury toll.

At full strength we can match any team, I think there is no doubt about it. Our depth has been a big issue and we need to make sure that we have players playing in their right positions, for way too long we have looked so disjointed.

There are good signs for next year. Lets hope we can have a couple of solid wins to round of the season!


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Nov 30, 2014
With everything we’ve gone thru this year & to still finish 9 or 10 is not so hard to take. Not making excuses but injuries at crucial times played a big part. Refereeing decisions came back to bite us. It’s all shoulda, coulda but didn’t, however I can recall up to 6 games we would have won at full strength & with a little luck 3 with the players who are currently healthy. Anyway I’m looking forward to next year with the new crop of players ready to pounce!


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Mar 11, 2009
Has gone from bad to worse with the AFB news today.

2020 will be a season to forget for the manly sea eagles


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Sep 11, 2020
Frustrating season to be sure. When looking at the teams that finished below us it is scary how many have churned coaches too - injuries or no. We escaped that scrutiny because of other teams.

Brisbane's season especially - whilst it left many of us feeling smug - has alarmed me in how the media went after Seibold so viciously, and the wider team in general. It really unnerved them and completely messed up their heads - which many might shrug off with a 'who cares lol broncos'. Thing is, their injuries/star-unavailability was arguably more extreme than ours, so it sets a dangerous tone and precedent.

Whilst unrealistic, Des should try and get his team off Social Media as much as possible as it poisons self-belief, or inflates ego and in turn salary expectation. Especially these younger guys, who can get distracted by all the 'next big thing' talk and risk putting in the hard yards and think stuff will just happen.

  • I see this season as an exception due to Covid
  • It was grueling on the players mentally as well as physically
  • We won't win a premiership without Turbo healthy the whole season
  • We didn't adapt to the new 6-again rules as well as other teams
  • We were the only team to drop out of an identical top 8 from 2019
  • We went backwards this year in defensive grit
  • Some players went backwards this year
  • Some exciting talent was unearthed too

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7 Knights 18 10 1 7 53 21
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