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2016 Premiership Winning Team?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by silvereagle, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. silvereagle

    silvereagle Active Member

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    Well everyone has had a stab at our starting line up for 2016 but I thought a more interesting question might be our finishing lineup for 2016. Will this be our 2016 premiership winning team? Nice backline as usual but seriously how would you like to run into this pack of forwards???

    Brett Stewart
    George Tafua
    Steve Matai
    Jamie Lyons
    Tom Turbo
    Peta Hiku (man of the match in last test against the poms....and really good defence)
    Jake Turbo
    Nate Myles
    Benton Lawrence (I hear he is fit and raring to go....would be a sensation from 2nd row.....could also back-up for prop)
    Marty Tapau (will be scary with another year under his belt!!)
    Jamie Buhrer (I understanding the injury is coming along very nicely)

    Darcy Lussick (big year coming up for this guy....he will be awesome for us)
    Liam Knight (this kid will be a regular by season end....how do you keep him out of FG??)
    Feleti Mateo (played really well towards end of this season with more fitness and more selective passing....TB will improve him more so)
    Lewis Brown ( great buy...great player....can cover backline but will be 2nd row / lock replacement)
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    • TagMonster

      TagMonster Well-Known Member

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      I agree that BJ may be better suited to the second row. Will be interesting to see if he can get over the injury. I'd see Tapau in the lock with Buhrer in the second row. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Lussick make a serious challenge for a starting spot almost anywhere in the forward pack.
    • Clay

      Clay Well-Known Member

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      It's a new coach and plenty of new faces and combinations to work on.
      Anything is possible and it will come down to form at the right time of the year and being lucky with injuries as we are a little light on quality depth
    • TagMonster

      TagMonster Well-Known Member

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      We are potentially light on depth in the backline. We have plenty in the forwards. It would be nice to see some of last years U20s backline get a run if we are hit with the injury bug. They definitely had flair.
    • brad

      brad Well-Known Member

      +4,331 /160
      Good side but I'd have lussick in the starting side for Lawrence and parcell will be on the bench .maybe brown in and meteo off the bench. But all and all looks solid .
    • Clint

      Clint . Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Good to see Cliff's cousin getting a run again.
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      • Brookvale2015

        Brookvale2015 Active Member

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        Really like that team so much I'm on board with bj Lawrence at second row we need a big back row, I don't think Mateo should be bench though he plays really poorly off the bench. Swap liam knight with Parcell, Parcell will be like kodi nokorima, come on and play 10-25 minutes of explosiveness when needed.

        11.Mateo (Edge)
        12.Buhrer (Middle)
        13.Taupau (Edge with DCE)

        14.Parcell (10-25 minutes of explosiveness)
        15.Lussick (Big year, swap with myles)
        16.Brown (Utility value, swap with Buhrer)
        17.Lawrence (Swap with Taupau, and play edge)

        18.Knight (will probably take someone's spot on the bench must be resigned! Also my rookie of the year)

        Premiership could be possible although I still think we need one more good prop.

        DCE dally m
        Trbojevic top try scorer
        Knight rookie of the year
        Koroisau buy of the year also contender for hooker of the year
        Taupau also in contention for dally m and buy of the year
        Make grand final against brisbane
        Rep honours-
        Jake Trbojevic, city rep, aussie rep and nsw rep
        Tom Trbojevic city rep
        DCE qld rep in last soo game and win motm
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        • Paw93

          Paw93 Active Member

          +507 /15
          A really good side that, and with Hiku starting at 5/8 it gives us a bit more pace in the outside backs with Tom coming in. Hiku did really well for the Kiwis in the last test. He's got a good passing game, is solid in defence and his support play will be phenomenal. I see him being the perfect foil for DCE. A good, tough, off-season and his pace might be up as well.

          The only thing I'd change though is bring Parcell in for Knight in the interchange. Parcell is too good to miss out and Knight is still very young. His time will come but I don't think this year is it. He'll be great at covering for injuries and getting some experience there while he's still learning his trade in FG. Parcell will be our x-factor and Hiku will be surprise packet at 5/8 with DCE coming into some terrific form throughout the year. I also think Stewart and Tom Turbo will start sharing the fullback position this year on when taking kick returns and attacking off our own end.
        • Moops

          Moops Well-Known Member

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          Our backline is old and slow and we don't have depth. A team with big, fast backs will have us covered...
        • sheridanstand78

          sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

          +4,863 /73
          It will be an exciting season, we have a lot of depth and if we can add the go forward our backs will shine.
          We need to make Brookvale a fortress once again cause we dropped too many games at home this year and it cost us dearly.
        • double hoops

          double hoops Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +3,720 /156
          9's a good chance to blood those under 20's u speak of. Luke Garner is the beneficiary of Guthos departure for mine.
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          • Hgbcds

            Hgbcds Well-Known Member

            +747 /56
            Rather demetriou

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