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Has anyone who has purchased one of the 2012 Home Jerseys noticed the spelling mistake in the logo? Got mine in the post a few days ago and it reads WARRINGAN not WARRINGAH, WTF are these clowns at ISC doing and what retarded f@!k is proofing their gear! Unless mine is the only one in existence then it could be worth a mint lol.


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Disgusting!!! ISC Really need to be given some strict quality assurance procedures to be followed.

Although this is typical and at least they are being consistent, I wonder how the sizing is with these new jerseys.

Post a pic of this little pearl!



I've contacted the club and ISC via email and I'm waiting on a response.

As far as sizing goes, this years XL is a slightly different cut to 2010's XL, the chest is even more form fitting and if the sleeves continue getting tighter by the season they'll cut off your circulation! I do like the fit however, gonna start needing an assistant to get it on and off but - lol.


Not to mention the Reebok Jerseys were sublimated not sh!t as heat transfer and still look mint to this day!


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I was in rebel sport today and was gonna buy my toddler the 2012 Jersey unbelievably they also contain the new Warringan Sea Eagle badge.

Why has Manly not recalled this Jersey, how embarrassing to be walking around with such a ridiculous error.

Charging that amount of money for a product that has such a flaw. I am really disappointed in both club and supplier.


Dammit, that means my jersey isn't a one off that I can sell for thousands in years to come - lol.
I am still waiting on a response from both ISC and the club, more than a little concerned that neither consider this a serious issue!


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I'd be taking it back to where i bought it, due to the spelling mistake...if they refuse to give you money back, i'd be be contacting the following - telling them you are driving to them , and to have your cash refund ready when you arrive -

Head Office - Sydney
17 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, NSW, 2018
P.O. Box 811, Rosebery NSW
Ph: +61 2 8324 4900 Fax: +61 2 8324 4999
Sales Fax: +61 2 8324 4998
Warehouse Fax: +61 2 8324 4997
Accounts Fax: +61 2 8324 4996

from their own web site -

ISC prides itself on its relationships with our clubs and retail partners and aims to provide the best possible service to our valued consumers. If you wish to make any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

just got off the phone to peter wynns score..spoke to the man himself...they werent aware of the error - they went and checked , and sure enough all the jumpers have the error on them....as far as his stock was concerned he suggested people contact them later this week.


Hi everyone,

Apologies I have not responded to this thread sooner. I've been on annual leave and have not had full net access.

Please be assured that both myself and the Club take this matter very seriously. The office has been closed for the Christmas New Year period, staff will not be back in the office till tomorrow. This is why you have not yet received a response to your email.

I will be contacting ISC in the morning as a matter of urgency to rectify this matter. I will post theie response here.

As always please feel free to send me a private message directly if you have serious issues that need immediate attention. I can't always be across every thread on the forums, but I will always respond to direct messages right away.

Thanks byso for giving me the heads up on this thread, much appreciated.

(Sea Eagles Brand Manager)

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LOL. Gold. ISC have been on the decline for a few years now. They lost all their Super Rugby contracts, and the quality of the material of their playing strips has been in question for a while. They had a lot of problems with jumpers tearing and numbers etc falling off. This is a corker of a mistake though. Can't wait to hear the excuse...would love to be a fly on the wall of the person responsible for approving logo proofs come Monday morning.
Give Adidas a call on Monday too Larissa.
Their supporter gear is the best i've found going around quality wise and their sizing is pretty consistent too. For their stuff i'd quite happily pay the expensive prices supporter gear is these days. ISC is not worth the $$ quality wise, once bitten, twice shy, won't buy another ISC item again. Reebok was good too a few years back, shame that association ended.

this is just plain embarrassing, especially given it wasn't picked up before release.


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Reebok and Adidas are the same company. I agree ISC supporter products are very average,I purchased the grandfinal jersey and the embroidery is terrible. I would of thought manly would of spoken to ISC regarding those issues to move forward in creating a superior jersey.

Really annoyed as these badges are what the supporters wear with PRIDE!!!

Not aimed at you Larissa, but Manly should hang their heads!

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I was in a Footy Shop in Wagga on the weekend and was going to buy a jersey but they all had the error on them.

I picked up the media polo there a couple of weeks ago, and love it.

I try to buy some stuff off these guys as they are locals, and some from the official store for the benefit of the club.

I will wait for the away jersey and check it for spelling errors and hopefully none of those "plastic' iron on patches that the new home jersey has on the back for Centrebet.

Surely ISC can get all the advertising screen printed into the jersey. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Bring back Classic.
Didn't realise Adidas and Reebok were same company, i guess that's why they're both good quality, all the supporter wear (soccer mostly and a union polo i got as a present) and just plain Adidas brand has just lasted, been comfy and can't fault. I put a 3XL ISC singlet a mate had (Geelong Cats) up against a usual slightly loose fitting XL Adidas singlet i have and the ISC one was actually smaller, i put it on and it was tight! ridiculous. It's impossible to buy online these days (which i'd imagine is a more popular option for a lot of people now taking their shopping online for convenience) because you just don't know what type of fit you'll get thanks to these companies just making up their own sizes.

I'd love to buy from the online MWSE store and support the club as don't live near the area to go to the actual outlet, but they make it hard when there is no measurements, and a pic of the item you need a microscope to see any detail. hopefully these improvements to the online store Larissa has been working on will stop whingers like me!

All for the actual print on the jersey too, transfers belong back in the 80's 90's, it's 2012, it's not a hard process to do.


Phoenix said:
Reebok and Adidas are the same company. I agree ISC supporter products are very average,I purchased the grandfinal jersey and the embroidery is terrible. I would of thought manly would of spoken to ISC regarding those issues to move forward in creating a superior jersey.

Really annoyed as these badges are what the supporters wear with PRIDE!!!

Not aimed at you Larissa, but Manly should hang their heads!

Hi there,

Completely understand your concern as I feel the same, if not more mortified that this could have occurred.

The Club has only been made aware of this issue today. We provide our partners with the correct NRL licences logo's, so I am somewhat confused how this could have happened at all.

Please be assured that I am taking this matter seriously and will let you all know ISC's response when it comes.

Again, please make sure you let me know if any major issues such as this occur. Even the most diligent of us can only resolve problems if we are made aware of them.




Hi Larissa,

I understand you've been on leave, thus I sent an email via the membership email address last week to your attention for when you were back on deck. I also sent ISC an email last week but also understand that they too are probably still on leave as I haven't had a response.

Fantastic to get a response from you and I'm very pleased that you are handling the matter now with the urgency it deserves.

I'll wait to hear from you once you've had a chance to speak to ISC and kick some butt.


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