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It's all very well people saying we have one of the best backrows going around, but who will be our backrow in 2007?

Menzies is almost certainly off the the ESL and Kennedy no certainty beyond this year either. Having both players leave the club will free up some salary cap room (though Orford's payments increase as the years pass).

Who would you buy to cover the gaping holes left?

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Watmough will be there. I would like to think we could get another year about both - hopefully by then we will be a genuine premiership threat and that would be a great way to send them out.


It would be great for manly to buy Ben Creagh in 2007 as a replacement for beaver. Perhaps Ashton Simms also.


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Cuthbertson will take 1 position when Kennedy and Menzies retire. Untried I know but from what I have seen he seems to have the ability to do very well in the NRL.


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i agree with garts, cuthbo to take one pos, and a more senior players for the other with the rest of the cap that is available after they depart.

Jason Wells and Glenn stewart are both younger guys on the way up as well


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So it's agreed in 2007 or whenever both Beaver and Kennedy are gone.......

11. Creagh
12. Watmough
13. Cuthbertson/Stewart


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I'd like to see us buy a big name Prop. We could then move Kite into the 2nd row. Fielden would be great.

08. Stuart Fielden (Straight swap with Beaver)
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Jason King
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Brent Kite
13. Ben Kennedy

To be honest, I can see The Beaver playing again that year as well anyway.


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Hopefully at least one of them is still with us in 07, they both have a one year extension option...If we do well this year (At least one more week into the finals) I can see Beaver and maybe BK staying on...All relitave to injury though.

13. Williamson

If a replacement isn't bought..


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Willow is a reliable player who gives his all every game but IMO for us to be challenging for the premiership he should not be a starter, hopefully he will be fighting for a spot in the 17 as we have unearthed some new talent.

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I'm with Garts on this one. We want some steady and hard working players but we will need impact players like Ben Kennedy, etc in order to be pushing for premierships.

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You would know. His ball running is excellent and there is an obvious work ethic. His front on defence against very good centres is average but in the forwards he could excel!!!


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all depends, if he keeps going really well on the wing his ideas might change - could make a good backrower, was making a lot of metres from dummy half early on last year

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CW his front on defence is fine. It was his slide defence that was a problem for a while and that was only cause they changed his style when he came down from brisbane. I don't know if you remember but it was his defence that they signed him for.

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