2006 – The fluffy factor continues

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Journey Man
2006 – The fluffy factor continues

Wins in all 3 grades yesterday showed that all the off season work fluffy has put in is well worth it.

Jersey flegg got home 22-20 with the tigers scoring on the full time siren and converting to make it look tighter than it was. Like last years ball team flegg looked lost when groom wasn’t on the field. If he had played the entire game we would have won comfortably. The team appears to lack size and overcomes this through a high work rate – almost a pack full of willos. They will improve this year if Groom stays fit, this kid once again has shown he is a superstar of the future.

Premier League had the game wrapped up at half time going into the sheds up 34-12. Clint Halden was leading the team around the park playing more of a traditional 5/8 role often standing far wider. Witt was off the ball again, his attack was non existent but his defense was ok. Witt’s kicking was about as good as Orfords, put everything through on the left hand side and could buy a conversion from the right missing 3 or 4 from that side. Our Props were solid early with Rose and Cleal hitting the ball up regularly and having a high work rate. Cleal was clean not giving away his usual motza of penalties. In Rose’s second half spell he was quite damaging in attack, often creating second phase play. Sione came on and looked ok, but doesn’t appear to have the fitness to cut it in firsts at this current point in time. Cuthbo put in early on but was often used as a decoy runner. This I enjoyed watching as having more than 1 runner in play is something we lacked last year. His defence was rock solid and once he did get some ball he played a typical game for him with plenty of off loads. Ballin was solid, nothing wrong with his game at all and created plenty of opportunities. Both Him and Cuthbo looked like they were only at 90% - id say trying not to get injured as there is a likely call up next week. Glenn Stewart looked ok, made a couple of good runs. Very impressive in the back line was Meaney, a centre who played on the wing yesterday. Meaney was organizing his side of the defence and doing it well, something that was obviously missing with robbo and matai later in the evening. All in all our PL team looks very solid and should be right up there this year.

First grade again had a comfortable win. We have an engine room that shared the work. None of the props were great, none were woeful. No one was carried. Kite was a workhorse, King ran hard and put 2 big hits on in defence. Kylie ran off orford very well scoring a try and making a bust. Bryant was another workhorse. Our second row didn’t even get out of first gear, they looked to be just having a trot. Being that its BK, beaver and watmough I have no worries there. Dunley started at hooker and did the hard yards well early, he put on a monster hit on hand bag – the crowd loved it. Didn’t see much of him after that, probably because Des then moved monas to hooker. Monas went well at hooker but did chop and change a bit with JP cherry in the 2nd half. His combination woth Orforf early did not look great,, but then again orford didn’t look good with any player really. There were a few dropped passes and forward passes in the first half. In the second half players started to adjust to the ox and our attacking opportunities flowed a lot smoother. Orford was never under too much pressure due to the engine room making good yards and having a second playmaking option. Both monas and orford had some good and some bad kicks but overall went fairly well in that department. Our backline looked disjointed but that is to be expected. Robbo and Matai were on one side and their defence lacked vision and neither had the balls to call the inside player out, 3 times resulting in a big overlap in our own 30 and luckily only once leading to a try. These 2 cannot play together. Late in the second half steppa came on for a cameo, not long after got put in a gap and very shortly after that was 50m up the field scoring a try with a bunch of tigers left in his wake. The kid has speed and lots of it. Has to be given the wing spot based on last year and that cameo. Stewy looked sluggish and slow, again first game back so no need to worry, hicks and bell were solid, bell often beating the first man.

All in all a good team performance with none of the definite first graders looking anything but good. We have some good depth and as our combos settle we will be a potent attacking team.
Nice report. Its great to have 2 long kicking options now.. if Monas or Orford gets tackled on the 4th.. one of the other will do the kicking unlike last year.. I think i saw Harris Beaver Willow and a few other forwards kicking.
Awesome write up Fluffy. Harsh, but fair. Orfords here for a minimum od 4 years, so I say we change our play to suit HIS game. I agree with Monaghan trying to go into 1st receiver too much, but that ironed itself out.

Dude - make sure you get to ALL the games this year. We need you there to make sure we get up !!!
Keep it up Fluffy. Your stats rival any goalkicking records. Sensational. And good insights into the game as well!

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