2005 Off-Contract Players

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Couple of rumours:

- Perth speaking to Matt Bowen (Super 14)

- Michael Monaghan set to sign a 3 year deal. ( !pray: )

- Carlos Spencer approached by Warriors. (Auckland Blues/All Black 5/8)

- Warriors appear as the favourite to secure Anthony Mundine if a Rugby League return is made.


Kim Jong Dan
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The Gasnier rumours have flared up again as well


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I noticed a couple of quality centres there. We are currentle struggling for some depth in the centres. A few more wont hurt.


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I noticed a couple of quality centres there. We are currently struggling for some depth in the centres. A few more wont hurt.


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I heard Chris Flannery is leaving the Roosters no matter what, wont be taking a new contract. If that's the case, I do hope Manly look at this guy, we are one of the 5 or 6 clubs that can make one BIG buy for next year, and in my opinion he's the player.


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Matt Bowen -- 3 years at the Cowboys

Preston Campbell --- 1 year at the Panthers, looks certain to join Gold Coast if brought in, in 2007.


Just about Flannery- he has just bought a pad in the eastern suburbs not long ago, Loves the Roosters (God knows why) and is biding his time for a chance at 5/8 which is his preferred position and it is where he thought he would be playing once Freddy wasn't on the scene. That is where the unhappy rumour came from but he has no intentions of leaving the Roosters.
He is good mates with Casey Maguire and the reason Casey Maguire originally played with Parra and he went to Roosters was because they were both competing for the same position and they didn't want to compete.
(I got this from very good authority)

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Thanks PJ ;) nice scoop. Flannery is a good player but he won't win you a premiership. We have those "good" players now we need players who will win games of footy and therefore premierships. The Jamie Lyons, Matt Orfords, Craig Gowers, Willie Masons of this world we need to go after ie the money men.

As an example, even most people think he is a #%*@, the dogs would not have made the GF if it were not for Willie Mason. When the game was there to be won or lost he stood up. We need players of similiar calibre.

BTW I am not saying we sign Willie just using him as an example. We need a REAL blue chip in the backline


Agreed Wheel- I don't mind Willie Mason myself. I suppose I respect the fact that he is on the most part quite honest about what he gets up to- which is probably to his detriment alot of the time.
He puts the work in and if he didn't if would never have been picked in Wayne Bennets Australian side.
I'm sure there are plenty of players out there with the same party attitude as Mason but just with half the skills and heart. I hope he is a success where ever he goes because he comes across to me as a likable sort of bloke who would do anything to help people out if he could.


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Brett Finch - re-signed with Roosters for a couple of years..........

Liam Fulton - re-signed with Tigers
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You can add Monaghan to the off contract list for good. he is not a bad player but no one will sign him for 400K :boho:


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Ben or Sam vegas?

The only unhappy rumour I've heard about Flannery involves one of his Roosters and SOO team mates and a girlfriend.

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He is under contract for 2006 - so 2007 at the earliest. With the Gild Coast coming in they may throw a lot of dollars at him.


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Robbie Farrah 2 years ---- Tigers

Bryan Fletcher ---- England

Paul Rauhihi ---- England

Ian Hindmarsh ----- France

Adam Perry 3 years ----- Bulldogs
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