2005 BBQ July - photos

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Looks like many were happy with the clubs efforts. Well done :clap:











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Byso - it's a PR issue again.

It shows a slovenliness that the club needs to stamp out. Monas should be setting the example but he looks like a Tramp after a big night with the Stone's Ginger wine.

He didn't brush his hair even. Neither did BK though.
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Matabele, Manly is a football club this is why "some" players prefer Manly than clubs like Parra. If you want nancy boys who dress up and use product i'm sure the roosters will ablige.

Also it was after a training run. i'd prefer them going hard at it at training than spending the Arvo at Chads stylist.

Monas is a "footballers" captain, he doesn't smile for the camera or sugar coat situations. This may lead him to say silly things. But the players respect him and he certainly gives his all to the club. Whether the standard of play is high. Thats a seperate issue.

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Sadly byso we live in a corporate world and we have obligations to uphold.

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the captain of a club to run a razer over his face for two minutes when he knows he has a public appearance with hundreds of club stakeholders.

What would your boss do if you turned up to a meeting with major clients in an unshaven, dishevelled state. Would you have a job for long?
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Maybe the club doesn't conider it to be a major requirement. It cerainly wasn't a formal situation. It was sausage sandwichs. Not caviar on jatz.

It was parents taking kids to see there heros and diehard supporters just coming along for a look.

PC wasnt there. there was no formal introduction at all.

There was NO song and dance.

Matabele I understand what you saying but as far as i'm concerned it wasn't as formal as you may of expected.

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