2 points vs Storm - smile

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I'm just happy to see Manly get the 2 points
Storm were ordinary
We had a horror final 10 minutes
Weird game
But let's take the 2 points and be happy- many teams don't walk off the first winners vs Storm
You are right!
I could not disagree more with the prevailing sentiment of this thread topic.

All the good was undone by the terrible bad.
We outplayed the Storm for 70 odd minutes.

We were all over them, we owned them, they barely got a sniff of our tryline despite multiple mistakes in the first half, giving them possession in our 20.

I'd rather see us playing like a cohesive unit than a rabble.

We played like a cohesive unit for 70 minutes vs Cowboys & again vs the Storm.

I swear some people would rather see us get utterly flogged & look like sh*te for 80 minutes every week, because they're certainly not happy at any sign of improvement from us.
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Very happy to get the win!

Getting the 2 points this week was super important (like most weeks I guess) and my mood would be vastly different if we lost.

~happy dance~
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We have won 3 of our last 4 and have they bye next week.

I will take that every day of the week.
All ifs and buts of course, ref didn’t rob us against the Eels and that ending to the Cows game that we should have held onto but also contained a dodgy try, and we are sitting equal 4th points wise
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Win is a win and that against a Top 2 team where we hammered them despite making 7 errors in first 15 minutes and defending our life. The last 5 minutes I put that down to our 2 good defenders in Jake and Ola getting early showers, and the boys knowing no more injuries. If they do the same in round 24/25 i’d be more concerned.

It’s an easy fix and am sure Des will work on it. On the bright side, we go into the Bye and final Origin with just Turbo out and we are building nicely. Our last 8 games are all winnable, with the Cocks, Eels and Sharks at Brookie where we should make a statement and hammer them. If we play full 80 against each of them like we did the 70 against Cows and Storm, I don’t see any reason why we can’t.

I’m going into the bye more confident than after the Cowboys game that we can be in the 8, and if all results go our way we can sneak into the Top 4.
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Sorry but that was not up to standard. Terrible!!
I was playing golf the other day and nailed a great Birdie with 3 very ordinary shots. A mate made the point that there isn't any photos on the scorecard and I feel that's a great way to look at it.

2 points are 2 points. Sure we will talk about that game for years but in the end we Won. 2 points in the bag. Job done.

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