2 debates finalized re Monaghs and BK

johnno - witt kicked poorly on the weekend, 2 from 8

we wouldnt have won with that kicking.

The only reason to keep witt in the side is for goal kicking. carrying a winger for that roll is a maybe but 5/8 just ridiculous.

Id much prefer Burns to get the nodd as he has some good attack, his defence was ok in the one game he played and he can kick goals.

Monas can goto hooker.

Dunley to PL with Witt and Mulane as depth.

However since i cant see burns getting the run id go monas at 5/8, orford to kick, willow to start with dunley on the bench.
I can imagine Witt's confidence would be wrecked at the moment - he must look at the other clowns still in 1st Grade and just be shaking his head why he has been one of the only players dropped for poor performances....as for Dunley to PL you must be kidding he is one of the few that actually has a go and offers something in attack... ..as for current 5/8's I am a massive Menzies fan but he hasn't played well at 5/8...as for Williamson is there another player in the NRL who plays but never really gets mentions for good or poor performances??? You think after the game was he really out there....
Dunley is a great impact player and i cant see Monas being better than him in attack
ffs dunley to pl,my goodness ,i have heard it all now.he is the only bloke that shows some spark around the ruck.
his confidence maybe - a champion would use it as motivation to train that hour longer and come back better.

Apparently he was awful.

I have lost hope for this one, Burns has lead the top attcking PL team around the park all year, its time to bring him through, similar age too.
ffs dunley to pl,my goodness ,i have heard it all now.he is the only bloke that shows some spark around the ruck.

Drop Dunley to PL to Keep Monaghs ???? jesus ill become one of the rainbow warrior brigade and march against that!!!!
lol so would I. I can not believe that was even suggested. I feel ill. What has happened to this once great club?
The players need Beaver disease...... hang on...

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