1st Trial Supporters Tour cancelled.....

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Journey Man
1st of all I want to say trials in the scheme of things (results wise) may not have a significant affect on a teams chances throghout the year. I mean, Manly finished 5th, and The Roosters were close to rock bottom.

That said, I kind of think Des may have somewhat burnt the "travel to the trial" excitement for many fans dying to see their heroes in 2006.

I know many, many fans that were bitterly dissapointed to travel to The Central Coast, after articles were released saying Beaver, BK and co. would be there, only to see them not rock up. Basically, the Harold Mathews team played Jersey Flegg, the Jersey Flegg Team played Premier League, and predominantly Premier League players played 1st grade (with a scatter of 1st graders evident), hence all team getting proverbially bashed a little.

It kind of took the spark out of it for me. I'll never forget the time Dan / Chuckwood and I went down to Albion Park. We almost had a full strength team in 2005. We were pumped going in, and pumped coming out. It made me excited to go each year. I remember how devestated I was Witt got injured !!! Hehehehe....

Therefore, I kind of feel with the approach Des Hasler has, it's not a real selling point for the game (trial). In business, I believe that if you over promise, and under deliver, it may be the worst thing one can do. That trial was a dissapointment all round. Not only that, but the players that excelled (Ballin), wasn't even given an apportunity in the season proper.

Sorry - have to add, I hear Sean Dalton was dissapointed this week, as he was playing 1st grade, and got injured.
Yeah,I travelled from Dubbo for that CC trial last year as you know Ryan, and it was a bit of a damp squib. I wouldn't pay my hard-earned to travel to a trial agin - I'll save my hard-earned for a game that means something.

Manly has a very strong supporter group in Queensland. I am sure we will have more support on the Sunshine Coast than the Storm.
Good post Ryan !

I attend a lot of games during the season proper , but I'm not too keen on trial games. I certainly wouldn't travel interstate for one. Albion Park / Central Coast - YES !

I'm sure most supporters are keen for the season to get underway after the very long cricket season that we've had.
I'm heading out to Aussie Stadium (Members Stand) on Sat nite with a friend to watch the Tigers/Roosters trial match.
Yes I have travelled interstate for NRL games but wouldn't even consider it for a trial.

Good initiative though, I sure it will be better supporter when the comp starts. I was suprised however to see the Post Match function battling for numbers and may be cancelled as well.
I was thinking of going on the tour as I am only a 2.5 hour drive from Brisbane

I asked admin at MSE how many first graders were likely to play & or travel with the squad to which they replied that Jamie Lyon would be playing.

It was a bit expensive at around $300.00 & since then we have accepted an invation to a engagement party so I will be exploring all that Raymond Terrace has to offer over that weekend instead.
totally agree Ryan as you know we also went to the Central coast trial last year , and it was a huge waste of time , basically 3 hrs of travel to see a bunch of Nevilles get bashed by a full strength Roosters side yeah it was only a trial but to get there and find half the team werent playing was a major disapointment , would you travel all the way to Qld for this to happen again , not this little black Duck ..
Here here mate - but for mine, the REAL dissapointment was the false advertising from the club. Imagine being a Manly fan living in Newcastle, and that was your only chance to see BK, Beaver & co as per the program, and to actually get served up with what happened.

There's no doubt Tutt, Moorwood, Styles and co. gave it their all, they always do, but seriously, The Roosters treated it like a real hit out, and changed up a FEW positions...
How did the Roosters go in 2006 - maybe Des pulled the right rein on the one, although I understand your frustration
Good post Ryan but i think you are blaming the wrong person.

I think Des did the right thing by not risking players, the club however should have communicated to the fans that our stars were being rested. Thats not Des's job.
i imagine being a manly fan in newcastle would drive me to suicide, but if it didnt i would go and see the team play the 2 times we played up there in 06
Eels have named a PL side captained by Piggy Riddell for the trial in Parkes this weekend. Suffice to say noone in dubbo is bothering to drive the 120km.
Yeah I saw that side too Mata. Wells, Bryant and some other big bloke with red hair (I have no idea who he was) were on the local news the other night. Bryant talked about being able to cement a spot in the team and Wells talked about how fit he was. They showed highlights of Wells in Premier league describing him as a mobile/ ball playing backrower. To be honest he didn't look all that special from the highlights package but I haven't seen him play a full game so I probably shouldn't be too critical.
Chris Trembath was the other, he has come from the juniors played flegg last year and will be in PL this year. He is a good young prospect.
Chris Trembath was the other, he has come from the juniors played flegg last year and will be in PL this year. He is a good young prospect.

he looked like a big unit on the news
he is a 110 kg or so prop about 19/20 years old.

the flegg boys first started going to the club last year and face to face - big unit, as he widens in the next few years his dimensions will look similar to Kite i imagine.

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