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Jan 'Corso Jan" Davis

Jan was born and raised as a Manly fan, it was in her blood, her father was a part of the original committee that was part of the Sea Eagles joining the Rugby League competition in 1947, her brother played for Manly and as all of us who were honoured enough to spend any time whether virtually or in person, with Jan, all knew that she just loved the team, it was a part of her and she was one of the most vocal and loyal supporters you will ever meet

For all those that knew Jan in her final years, they were all aware of her brave battle with cancer, which she ultimately lost that fight in March of 2009.

Through her battle and her support of Manly she was always vocal about her adoration for Solomon Haumono, who one day came to say hello to her at Brookvale oval, an event that although overwhelming for her, was met with the usual grace she possessed.

Many of us look back fondly with memories of Jan as both a vocal intelligent and caring fan, and an unforgettable character who is dearly missed by us all and most of all by her children and husband Pete.

Such an impact did her passing have, that our Tipping Competition is forever named in her memory.

She was our first lost, but never forgotten, Vale Jan

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