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Recent content by The Bagman

  1. The Bagman

    Ken Arthurson - The Godfather of Manly Sea Eagles

    And did so much to stop Murdoch's "Super League" wrecking the game.
  2. The Bagman

    2020 membership count

    And do Melbourne membership figures include Melbourne Rebels members?
  3. The Bagman

    Edwin Ipape

    I believe he is from Mabuiag (Near Western Torres Strait islands). Then family links to PNG
  4. The Bagman

    Edwin Ipape

  5. The Bagman

    More garbage reporting

    SMH is going down the News Ltd slide into clickbait reporting
  6. The Bagman

    Worst call in rugby league history ??

    Instant send-off!
  7. The Bagman

    Not on our Turf!

    Why are they including last year in the averages when we ran 2nd last?They should be talking about this year's current averages? Which lunatic wrote this article?
  8. The Bagman

    [Resurrected] Jersey clearance sale

    I have ordered an "aspirational" medium. Thanks mate!
  9. The Bagman

    [Resurrected] Jersey clearance sale

    Have you received it - just wondering if the sizes are true? PS Thanks for the info!
  10. The Bagman

    Is the NRL competition rigged?

    The commentators and NRL would all have pissed in their pockets if they played for those clubs, given them testimonials years before they retired, taken Snake and Matai's contracts off the salary cap when they couldn't play any more, but the NRL does not appear to enjoy it when Manly has success.
  11. The Bagman

    Where are they hiding

    I did the same - asked on twitter about young Hoppa and got no response
  12. The Bagman

    Morgan Boyle signs

    Plenty of islanders that are not pea hearts. Glad to hear Boyle has a big ticker.
  13. The Bagman


    It seems to be a scripted attack. So many "scandals" refer to Manly - match-fixing [false], TPA salary cap scandal, miscellaneous articles critical of the Sea Eagles, and so much focus on TB last year with all the fault squarely blamed on Manly, not TB, etc. Now Brett Morris's carefully planned...
  14. The Bagman

    Frankie goes to Pantherwood

    He avoided conviction, but yeah, a piece of **** thing to do. Would probably be looking at a longer stint on the sideline if it happened now.
  15. The Bagman

    Manlys new left edge

    Watching this, perhaps Jorge is the "anti-Sampson" and needs to cut his hair to get back to his try-scoring best...
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